What language does RobotC consist more of?

Hey guys,

I had question about RobotC just for future reference. I don’t use RobotC too much but I am thinking about using it more this season.

Anyways, my question is what RobotC’s language is?



Edit: Ok… So how about some books to learn C?

It’s C-like. It’s based on C, but technically is its own language. It doesn’t use a standard compiler and doesn’t fully support normally valid syntax.

Is it comparable to C++?

Well is it c based. Definitely not c++ or c#

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I almost just bought a c++ book.

Its a lot more like TI basic (the language for programming calculators) than it is like c++. C++ has something called objects (collections of data and functions) that completely changes everything about using the language.

It’s structure is based on C
The language itself is it’s own format. However if you want to learn more about that type of language, I would suggest learning about C.

Nothing wrong with having a c++ book.
If you can master c++, then you shouldnt have any problem “converting” to robotc.

Realistically, it’s pretty much the same as C++ and C just with slightly different structure.

C# has a lot more differences. As a C# developer I would love a C# port for VEX or I would love to see Visual Studio support for RobotC. (Maybe something for me to do)

ROBOTC is a large subset of the C language, a few parts of ANSI C are left out most of which would not be used by novice programmers. It also has a few C++ like features thrown in, things like function overloading, very few of the ROBOTC programs I see ever use these advanced features.

ROBOTC was modeled after a program called Interactive C that was developed at MIT in the mid 1990s.

Try some of these: http://stackoverflow.com/a/562377

Interactive C was cool, I loved the Handyboard. That was pretty amazing tech for 1995. The 6811 was an amazingly easy chip to program and build hardware around.

For RobotC references:
I highly recommend the VEX cortex video trainer in RobotC.net I use this extensively in my introduction to robotics programming and design class, and there are sample programs built in to the RobotC install for each of the projects. Very self explanatory.

Buy it anyway. While you’re there grab a book on Java and Python.

Will do :slight_smile: Have any suggestions?

I’ve found that books are only so helpful. Alot of what I’ve learned has come from actual implementation. A good example of this would be VEXBot, the discord bot we use on the VEX Discord server. It was many of our first times using JS/Node.js in a ‘production’ environment, and sometimes just our first time. To be honest I still don’t understand Async stuff, but writing code has definitely helped me learn more about it.

The documentation for languages is great. Having a technical understanding of the code is always great! For something like JS, i’d recommend looking at the mozilla docs. (W3Schools is absolutely terrible, and teaches the wrong implementations of many things). With tackling something like JS, learn about asynchronous programming, so you have a better understanding of JS. With Java, understanding OOP, and how to construct programs in an object oriented hierarchy is important. So read up on that. With Python, anything really goes, read some tutorials, but just know that python’s syntax is sometimes sparse (lacking types [Similar to JS])

Youtube channels that I enjoy, and that have taught me alot:
Fun Fun Function: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO1cgjhGzsSYb1rsB4bFe4Q
Sirajology: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWN3xxRkmTPmbKwht9FuE5A
Computerphile: https://www.youtube.com/user/Computerphile (For broader CS/IT related conquests)
Simple Programmer: https://www.youtube.com/user/jsonmez
DevTips: https://www.youtube.com/user/DevTipsForDesigners

Those are awesome, do any of those channels have a C (something related to VEX Programming) series?
I am trying to learn Pros but am having some troubles with getting a good feel for it.

BTW I love the new signature 10/10 :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol doesn’t cody have a series on that?

Yup here it is:

Haven’t gone through it but seems pretty juicy.

Yeah, I’ve gone through it a little bit. Just wondering if there were any others that I can learn even more from :slight_smile:

I’m a bit of a JavaScript/Node fiend. If you have any questions (or want me to help with VEXBot, that would be fun), you can ask me