What should goals be for newbies

id work with what you have at the moment, and progress forward and improve from there.

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We still have time problems I’m going to try to convince my teacher to eat lunch in the lab so that we can build

Thank you guys for all the help😇

I just noticed the intakes are mounted on the tray. this isn’t optimal, you should have the intakes mounted on the chassis so they split apart and you can just move back after stacking. I would change this IF you have time.

Try as hard as u can at the comp, but if it doesn’t work out, it’s basically 6 hours of build time. If u use that time effectively and make sure everybody’s doing something (and go in with a plan) you should be able to build the rest of ur robot. There are still quals going on through february in most regions so if u finish the at comp and get drive practice for a month, u should be good.

I’m gonna stress that this is not a plan by any means. This is a last resort. If u can get the robot done before the comp, do that.

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Me and my group decided to move the intake and also possible change the extender

I’ll try to show you what we finished today

any other suggstions

hey will some people send me some ways to put the chassis rail with the mobile intake

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Sorry, but I’m not really a builder so I can’t really help with this question.

I think that a good goal for a team would be to have a simple autonomous. Simple would be just backing your preload into the score zone. Having a simple auton can really increase your value as an alliance partner.

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