What should goals be for newbies

I’m in 7th grade and we stayed 3 weeks ago and we have a good working extending stacker what should our goals be

We are 4 seventh graders sand I’m the builder , partial coder , and a driver

image image image image image image

You’re gonna want to add a tilter on that.


we are working on that for the next month

I mean, tilters are relatively easy to make, my team made one within one meeting while still having time to spare. You just need to know what you’re doing.


I would reccomend making a flipout tray instead of a slider.

here are some ideas on what to do. I would recommend sticking with a simple tray until maybe later in the season.

It’s deferent for me we do it during school and only get 30 min and we started 3 weeks ago and we can just know drive

id advocate to get more practice time. my teams come in before school, during our free period, and sometimes after school. if you just want a potential extra hour a day or so then I would maybe try the before or after school thing, because 30 mins a day is no where near enough time to be creative with these.

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We aren’t able to do that at our school trust me I’ve tried everything

Our first competition is in January

well I’m going to assume that you get 30 mins a day. if you set your mind to it and work hard enough then id work on getting half your tilter mounted, then the next day finish the tilter, and spend the rest of this month fine tuning the robot. and spend December practicing driving as well as working on auton.

Thank you for advice and we have to get the ability to control the intake tilt and work on a possible claw for towers

one thing at a time is my best advice, one thing we always try to shoot for at each of our competitons is to go in with a solid working robot. that robot may only be able to stack 5 cubes max, but it can do it very consistently.

I think even with 30 minutes a day you can get at least 3 front flipping stages. 4-5 cube stacks won’t get you very far.

Our teacher is somewhat negative when expects us to not make it much of anywhere but I still keep my head hi

Ok so from my perspective it looks like your attempting this (see the pic). If this is what you are going for, don’t worry it’s pretty easy.

And also my team was the newb team this year and we almost won excellence at our previous competition. Honestly you just have to be determined to actually attempt to construct the robot and complete everything. Also make sure you research on topics you are unsure about.

Oh and also this model can stack 6-7 cubes. One of our other teams robots was also very effective creating 4-5 stacks.

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We can hold 7 when we put a back to the extender

7 is decent, but probably wont be enough in 2 months. I would shoot for at least 9. I can dm some leeks so you can build faster.

Trust me I’ll talk with my group and we can change I think might make the intake mobile and make the extender longer