What system is VEX V4 and VEX Cortex referring to?

I’ve heard my friends talk about VEX V4 and our school has parts and software from VEX V4, but what is it exactly compared to V5?
I’ve also heard of VEX Cortex, what is that?

V4 and cortex are the same thing; it was the prior generation of the vex system. However, if your club has any parts I wouldn’t recommend using them as it’s no longer competition legal and underpowered anyhow (compared to v5)


the old generation of electronics are often called v4, though in reality they were never called that, and the name has only been created as people see the current system called v5 and assume the previous one must have been called v4. Reasonable but false assumption.


Assuming last generation was called V4 is also assuming there is a V1-3 which there isn’t to my knowledge. But then again we have V5 for whatever reason with no V1-4. Gotta love the naming schemes of companies.

Here’s a history (using the search bar to quickly find it):


There were two IFI systems before the PIC 0.5 system, they were used by FIRST. They were pretty spiffy.


and a couple since the V5, they are pretty spiffy as well.

Not much discussion about EXP on the forum yet, but it really is pretty neat, it can’t drive the 11W motors at full power due to lower voltage battery, and only has 10 ports, but matches V5 in most other respects and can actually do a little more in some areas.


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