What the great típ for the robot arm?

hi guys, my name is edward from Vietnam my team is building a robot but we have a problem.At the last step we build the robot’s arm but finally the robot weight í really heavy so we break down the arm , now we don’t know how to make a great arm, we really thanks you if your answer can help our robot so please can you give me an answer? Thanks you!

Could you post a few pictures of your robot? I am not sure what exactly went wrong with your robot. If you post some pictures of your robot, and explain a bit more what exactly went wrong, it would be easier for us to help you.

PS: welcome to the forums!

Hello welcome to the forums, If it is too heavy you could try to use a torque motor (the red one) or increase the gear ratio for more torque. Also, pictures would be helpful. Finally, I am Vietnamese so if you want to type in Vietnamese I could help with some of the translation problems.

Just going off the tag here, if this is trully a viqc post, a “torque motor” does not exisit, you would have to gear the output. More information can be found here. If this is a V5 post, I kindly remind you to look over the categories you are selecting when you are posting. and Arronax is correcting in sugesting the use of a red cartridge. More information here.


Ah my bad


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