What time format does the RobotEvents API use?

I’ve tried many different types of time formats and it keeps giving me this error. I’m tying to use the /events with a start time.

  "message": "The given data was invalid.",
  "errors": {
    "start": [
      "The start does not match the format Y-m-d\\TH:i:sO\\Z."

I think I ran into the same issue and gave up. Instead, I filter out events within Pandas after getting the full season list.


Is there a way to always get the current season?


There’s a /program endpoint as well, which is where I found that VRC is ProgramID 1.


Current season is “I’d” 139. Set that as a query.

If you’re using JavaScript, I developed a client module for the robotevents API. Supports caching, live updates, and a few other quality of life features that make working with the API much easier.


I have heard of your library. However this is for a chat bot on matrix. The matrix bot libraries are written in python.

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