What to do and expect to do at first competition

My team is competing for the first time on January 11th. What should we expect to do? What are the components of the competition? ie: robot skills, etc. Sorry if im being unspecific, I dont know how to phrase this. How will the team be judged? How will the engineering notebook be judged?

When you walk in the judges will take your engineering notebook and score it during the competition. You’ll get your bot inspected to make sure it passes build rules and then you’ll prep for qualification matches. Robot skills usually goes on during qualifications and breaks, but it probably depends on the competition. After the qualifications the top teams will pick alliance partners and compete in a knockout tournament to decide tournament champions. Awards are mostly judged without you really noticing, they might come around and ask you about your robot but they don’t always ask everyone.

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What sorts of things will they look for in the engineering notebook?

I have found looking at the rubric online or searching in the forums for notebook help is the best way to answer that question

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The REC Foundation has this document on their site that contains some general tips for what to expect at competition. Some of them are pretty useful: https://www.roboticseducation.org/documents/2013/06/101-things.pdf/