What to do with old EDR materials?

I do not frequent these forums very much so not sure exactly where the best place is for this post but here it goes. General question for everyone it may apply too…What did you do with all your old EDR robotics systems/materials/kits when you upgraded to V5? My EDR materials are all over a decade old, finally are breaking down, and are becoming increasingly difficult to replace. Did you throw yours away? Donate them? Looking for ideas/best practices on how you might have have migrated over to the new stuff…thank you for your time.

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Our school used them to run a Robotics elective, where students built robots to accomplish tasks set out by the instructor. Donating these older parts to schools and other organizations is a big help to them, if they can accept the parts.


LOL…I teach the robotics elective. Thank you though keep the ideas flowin’

In short:

  • Schools can accept them
  • You can use them as legitimate microcontrollers for hobby projects
  • Plenty of other organizations accept donations

I’m sure @Karthik would appreciate it if you donated them to Just Cause Canada, if that is still going.


The smaller motors and the #29 controllers work well with Arduino type systems. (Need a heavier motor supply) If you can find motor extenders (they take the motor turn controls, marry it to a battery pack) they are your best bet.

I have a stash of PIC (v 0.5) and the old “poke your eye out with that” transmitter and some squarebots. I use them at demo’s and when they die, I get rid of them. But there isn’t a kid on the planet or an adult under 84 that won’t smile driving a squarebot around a bunch of small soccer training cones.


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