What type of robot do you have

Dream bigger or be pummeled by falling cubes of your opponents


My robot hits the ceiling in our room easily

Edit: good for showing off in alliance selection

@sedonawa u got pics


most people call such robots tetherbots, as they need to be connected with a tether.

I have a pushbot, BUT I am working on improving this week.

Okay y know what I’ve had this idea for some time and I doubt that I will have the time but I wanna see it happen. A robot with a u-shaped mecanum drive that allows the two sides to pull away from each other. That robot wraps around a traybot (holding it in place). Then, with a tilting mechanism and a claw, u move the claw forward and grab all the cubes in the traybots tray. Pull back and score in the zone.


4 motor chassis
1 motor tilter
2 motor claw

wouldn’t that count as trapping for 5+ seconds?

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It’s not against a wall. Either way they could probs still move if ur not moving while grabbing.

I thought you couldn’t take any cubes out of a robot, because once a cube is in a robot it becomes “a part of the robot”. This is what the head ref at one of my competitions said. So that would be an illegal maneuver

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I have not heard that before, unless I’m wrong (more probable) the ref may have been mistaken and was told that for the ‘no performing illegal actions with cubes’ rule.

I don’t think it has to be up against the wall. If no avenue of escape is allowed then it is considered trapping.

She mentioned the “no performing illegal actions with a cube rule” too. But then when a clawbot tried to grab a cube out of a tray bot, she warned them not to repeat this because it was illegal because once a cube is possessed by a robot, it becomes a “part of the robot”. But I am not sure where that is in the game rules.

Gotta race against the clock XD. Either way this is highly impractical and just theoretical.

I found the rule!! Look at part d

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That sounds like it’s mainly for entanglement. Taking someone’s cubes isn’t necessarily ‘attaching’ onto the robot. Additionally, consider the pushbots ramming traybots to make their cubes spill out. Possession doesn’t grant immunity to the cubes.

I don’t think your allowed to grab robots though…

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You are correct. You can not grab another robot. Or a cube that is possessed by another robot. Simply put you cannot possess a cube already possessed by another robot. Theoretically, you could “take” someone’s cubes IF you somehow take it without grabbing it.


I believe what @64540A was suggesting was engulfing the traybot to essentially trap it as the bot ‘extracts’ the cubes