What type of robot do you have

  • Tray Stacker
  • Tower Robot
  • Both
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dont forget about wall, cap, and pushbots


What is this? Just curious. It might be obvious and I’m just dumb and missed it, but wanted to check anyways.

Caps are last year’s game’s cubes. It’s a joke to bring back old games as the previous one (hence people ask if TP bots could ‘high hang’)


The best I can think of is a robot that caps off towers to prevent them from being used, although I haven’t seen any of those yet

Edit: Oof. I posted at the same time as Deicer. He’s probably right

Double Edit: Maybe I am right. IDK


Got it. Apparently I didn’t get the meme. oops

I did that first comp because I couldn’t get a claw built in time. Would probably work well where people actually use towers (not Kentucky).


I honestly doubt that is what @Avonderweidt is referring to, and I have never heard people joke about “cap bots” for TT, especially not in the same way as your example with “high hanging” in TP. What I think he is referring to is, as @alphagoats53999f said, a robot that “caps off” crucial scoring zones as referenced in the current game manual.


i was refering to capbots i think the only year they were a real thing was like sack attack or whatever it was called
@alphagoats53999f was correct

In the game manual it says (something like)

Cap-bots and wall-bots are legal, but are to be attempted at your own risk

If you want to find it, it is a little notation not a rule


I find “tower bots” to be a biased term that implies that’s all us bots with lifts are good for. Lift bot is a way better term. A good passive intake can be nearly as fast as a tray bot. (Only half joking here)


Dont forget about 2W Favorite Moments in VEX History - #2 by Aponthis


Should say tall bots instead of tower bots since you have double reverse four/six bars and scissor lifts

  • trayish bot
  • lift bot
  • tower bot
  • pushbot
  • capbot
  • wallbot
  • ?tall bot?
  • mulibot
  • clawbot :nauseated_face:
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note:it is multiple choice if u can do many things

what is a mulibot?
Sounds like some derpy robot

multi bots are bots with 2 or more separate drive trains


I appreciate you, for the tall bot option, my robot is over 6’ tall

Why tho

Like 4’5” is plenty tall for even the tall tower


mine used to be 7 :cry::cry::cry:

to stack on top of the stack your traybot partner puts up