What we learned this year

Hey everyone! It’s been a crazy year, what with returning to in-person events and the forums going down. I’m just interested to see what y’all took away from it, whether technical or otherwise.

I guess I’ll start with something technical. Even though it’s not a new idea to this year, the adoption of cartridgeless motors has been huge, and it’s reminded me to think outside the box once again.

Interested to hear your contributions!


Learned that online notebooks are pog for subteam collaboration and that I was stupid for not using them in VRC.

No seriously, online notebooks op if you have multiple people working on them throughout the season.


This is my first year in VEX so everything I know, I learned this year.


Every single time I think I’ve made a big accomplishment in programming, I seem to think of another that is even higher and harder to reach.
I started using PROS in the summer, and after a few porting issues I figured it out.
But then I started using PID in October, after hearing about it online and figuring out how to use Okapi.
Soon after I learned how to use IMU with turning PID.
Then I got odometry and implemented Pure Pursuit in addition (~two weeks ago).

Overall, you should never be limited by what you may think is above your skill level; there are so many resources online to help you in achieving anything


I learned a lot of code stuff this year like being able to launch threads and print to the controller.

I learned that 9800 rpm flywheels are a bad thing, and keps nuts will fall off if not tight enough


I learned that pneumatics require air.


I learned that while motors require electricity, too much of it is bad for them.


I learned how useful it is to design the robot in cad before actually building it


Hey its Jack Luna from 255D. I read what do you achieve working on the PID. Im started learning how to use PROS few weeks ago. But I’m struggling with some things, is there a way you can help me out?

Sure! First of all, in PROS, you can use OkapiLib, which has PID built in to its chassis controller.

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Everything that Zaypers said is helpful. I just want to throw 2 quick resources to give some options.
OkapiLib is great, teams also use the EZ template in PROS frequently (but less common) so I wanted to attach that.
Introduction | EZ Template (ez-robotics.github.io)

I also want to link the SIGBots wiki page on PID. It is a little outdated (@BennyBoy wanna fix it?) but gives an overview of PID if you are looking for that.
PID Controller - BLRS Wiki (purduesigbots.com)

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