What's the hardest choke/throw you've seen at a vex tournament?

Pretty much the title. What is the biggest lead lost or the biggest mistake you’ve seen which lost a match in VEX

Once in tipping point (actuallly during one of our matches) a team who was by far the worst in the comp drove forward in the last 30 seconds (before rule changed to 15) touched the opponents platform and the drive back and was touching our platform as the game ended. The funny thing was, if they hadn’t touched our platform as the game ended we still would’ve won that match. I still think that the only reason we got sportsmanship award was because we didn’t flip out at the obvious choke there, but we still got to worlds.

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9346A and 2011A during alliance selection at haunted.


TiP UK Nationals finals, game 2

The blue alliance (3110R 3116A) had already won game 1, and at the end one robot had elevated with 3 mogos, one of which were filled with rings
The red alliance had one elevated bot with 3 empty goals, so the blue alliance would have won the tournament

However right at the end, the non elevated blue robot suddenly drove forwards and tipped over the platform causing everything to descore and the blue alliance lost and went on to lose the next game as well, giving red the win of the whole tournament

At our state quarters last year, one team had possession of 4 bases, the other team had 3 bases

The team with 3 mogos had double parked with all their mogos, and the other team had only parked, and 3 total mogos on the platform.

While they were about tied on rings, they still wouldnt have won, so they needed to put their final base on the platform to secure the win and a worlds spot.

But someone made the call to not put the base up even though they had room for it… I’ll let the screenshot speak for itself

One of those teams ended up not going to worlds because of that mogo they didnt put on the platform

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When teams consistently throw matches (and violate G1 big time) to help their sister teams only for them to consistently throw elims…