What's the worst thing to tell the notebook judges when they interview you?

I have no clue. I was literally a hundred feet and a brick wall away.

There’s some weird stuff I’ve heard teams say:
“So umm, our mentor programmed our robot for us and it’s really reliable in helping us win competitions consecutively!”
“Our notebook sla[redacted] did the bulk of the work”
People who cuss like a sailer DURING the interview…


There’s a section on the interview rubric that basically implies everyone on the team needs to talk/provide input during an interview. How did you normally handle that if most of the people on your team didn’t know much?


Like I said, I always handle the interviews. Judges have never had a problem with it. I mean, my secondary builder would chime in about how we went about building, but that was it. Our coder never said anything in an interview, and it was fine.


My dad/mom/coach did ( fill in the blank).


“What’s the Engineering Design Process?”


Tell them we failed hole-counting

Building, coding, or fidgeting with tools while the judges are interviewing. The exception is when you are really in a time crunch, and you ask the judges first if it’s okay to keep building while you talk, just to be polite.


Just a general tip regarding this from someone who has done numerous judging interviews this past season - look over the rubric and info in the judge’s guide for the awards you are interested in receiving. I would give you low marks on the rubric for items related to teamwork / team participation / team knowledge if basically only 1 person spoke, which would impact your chances of winning certain awards (Excellence and Design in particular). I wouldn’t say anything about it or make a big deal over it, and you’d maybe never realize that it was a problem, but I would walk away and write a note about how only 1 person spoke or seemed to know what was going on and give a corresponding low score. I generally try to make an effort to get the other people to speak, especially for emergent or younger teams, so if you notice your interviewer turning to various specific people who haven’t spoken up and asking them questions they are likely trying hard to get your whole team to participate.


Out of curiosity, what would u give a one person team on teamwork assuming they had a good reason for being the only member


My personal stance is that a one person team should be treated as a regular team and should not be penalized, since Vex allows for a team of one to compete and, to the best of my knowledge, does not state anywhere that there should be a penalty for that (although of course they have to show the same knowledge base as a multi-member team to score well). I have heard discussions about this topic with people who disagree (some of those being judges) and I have heard it can be a contentious issue. I think it’s a pretty high-level issue that should be clarified by high-level Vex/RECF officials in an unambiguous way, honestly.

The difference, IMO, is that a 1 person team has chosen to take on every role and should therefore be well-versed in every role and able to fully answer questions relating to any area. That 1 person has gained the benefit, perhaps, of being the only person speaking during an interview… but at the cost of not having team members available to spread the work load.

A multi-member team has chosen to have multiple members and to split those roles between those members; each member, therefore, should be well-versed in their role and capable of speaking independently about it while also having a general understanding of, at a minimum, the game, what the other roles are, and how everything interconnects. The larger team has gained the benefit of having multiple team members to spread the work load… but at the cost of each of those members having to speak, to some extent, during the interview.


I do this at every tournament.

On an unrelated note:
Once a scouting team asked me about my bot but I thought they were the judges so I gave them my whole interview.

Edit: I also didnt give any information that was actually important for scouting


In the states competition some who wore a white T-shirt called a judge a Idiot and the Vex host said that they would disqualified us thanks to a random guy who said idiot to the judge but the guy stood out at the end and his team got disqualified.


The judges looking at the bots on your orgs table during TT and seeing that they all look the exact same.

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how did you confuse scouts with judges, especially given the age difference?

Sometimes the judges can be college age students

But what if they ask “whose idea was this?” Should you just say “it was all of our ideas.” or should you actually tell them?

“uh… this is my second year so I don’t really know what to say during an interview…” — me at a december 2019 comp


At one tournament I had a teammate introduce himself as a different team member


That’s an exception in my opinion, but I wouldn’t bring it up unless they asked. Just to say why I made my point. A parent on the team I coach told me that on the judges checklists they have, it says to deduct points (not sure how many) for saying those things (with exceptions obviously)

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