What's the worst thing to tell the notebook judges when they interview you?

Just wondering if you guys have said stupid things around the judges. I will start off, once a judge heard one of my team mates vent about how rediculus the ref’s call was in our last match. needless to say, it was not vex-appropriate.


At the worlds interview, I was trying to say something to the effect of “We all work on different parts, for example: He doesn’t do that much building, whereas…” but instead, I said to one of my teammates he barely worked on the robot during the interview. He was in a bad mood the rest of the interview. That could not have been much worse.


One of our teams did this at a signature event:

Judge: What is your greatest adversity?

Guy who thought the Judge said diversity points to the girl on the team and says “Well she’s a girl”


One time at a state tournament I had a teammate that was not very smart and right after the judges left. They weren’t even ten feet away he said out loud asking us if we think that the judge shines his head because he was bald.


My Mom did most of the writing in the notebook.

Epic stunned look by all of the co-judges, plus a interesting talk with Mom.


Tell them that you holecounted a bot on Youtube


Not my team, but a person I used to know told me that she didn’t know that they were supposed to be judged so her team treated the judges like just another scouting team and basically eluded all of their questions.


If we’re losing we can shoot a cube out and knock down stacked [scored] towers - it’s like a secret weapon.

Stunned silence, and then “You DO know that’s illegal, right?”


Literally, the worst thing to say to judges “Go away!” - yup one of my teams did that … at Worlds…

anything. would have been a better response.


nice job mom…



I, me, or my.


What about me and my team, or my team and I. (I’m not sure which is grammatically correct)

I did most of the work on programming.”

“Who did the most work building the robot?”
“That would be me; I’m the lead builder.”

“What did you use to code?”
My laptop; it runs linux.”


At one competition during Turning Point we lost a qualification match in which we felt as though our opponents should’ve been dqed but when we went to the refs they told us we were more likely to get dqed than them, and they started laughing at us (we lost the qualification match by 1 point iirc). I wrote some suggestive words about them on my scouting sheet. In one of our interviews, someone on our team was showing off the sheets, and I had to grab the front page from her because I didn’t want the judges to see. We still won excellence, but: Don’t mess up the flow of one of your teammates during your interview.


Just don’t say I did this, or this is mine, stuff like that


Saying something like my, laptop or, Hi my name is soandso. Those are exceptions, but like saying I did most of this, or this is MY idea is a no no

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@CNguyen425, This one.

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Last season, I was lead builder, and driver, and I designed the robot, so I normally handle interviews, also the rest on my team is antisocial. When the judges came up to my team at our last comp, I was outside the building at a food truck, because I skipped lunch because I was working on the bot. While I was in line, the judges came and interviewed my team, and they didn’t know who they were. My team literally gave them the bare-bones, this is a crappy pushbot, here’s our cascade lift, response. I came back, burger in bag in hand, and they told me what they’d done, which they were so proud of, and I screamed at them. In the middle of the pits. With a few dozen people watching, and the judges and head ref within earshot.


Generally judges ask if the entire team is present before doing an interview…I wonder why they didn’t in this case…?

“What language is your code written in?”