Whats with the @system account?

The oddity that is the @system account was brought to my attention by @Sylvie and @technik3k, so I went through @system’s posts. Most are quite abnormal… and… spam-like…

Examples Found

fyi I wouldn’t open any of the links in these posts.

Reviving a three year old thread with the post

reviving a 3 month old thread with this:

asking weird questions like

which is odd seeing as the system admin account of a forum should have no reason to genuinely ask such questions.

these spam looking posts advertising some business college

this nonsense:

Not quite sure what to make of these…

This thing (more spam? I would not follow that link if I were you)

ummm… more spam/ads?

and I’m sure there’s more. didn’t bother looking.

I’m genuinely curious as to who is behind the @system account, and why it’s an admin? Why does it exist? Whats the deal with all the garbage it posts? Thoughts?


It probably took ownership of all the deleted users’ posts from esotalk.


oohhhh that would explain it wouldn’t it…

on another note, most of the posts it has explaining each forum category are not filled out yet, they still have the filler text. someone may want to fix that.


Huh. Interesting. Claiming the spam posts from deleted accounts could be what it’s doing automatically.

The @system account in discourse is automatically created, with admin permissions. I think @sazrocks is probably right that it takes ownership of posts that were either a) deleted or b) have owners that were deleted.

Also as far as I know from my experimentation with discourse, even DRow or forum admins can’t post as @system. It’s purely software run.

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Are you sure about that? :upside_down_face:

  • DRow

Inb4 the post changed from DRow to System


I have never laughed as hard as I did to see @system with a whole bunch of Mandarian commercial spam posts :joy:
We should keep the bot with those stupid responses, it’s perfect.


If it was an automatic account all the smilies would be :robot:

I think @system lives Down Under, because it uses uspside down :upside_down_face:


See! It was DRow!


Maybe it should post some crazy spam post once a month just for laughs.