Whats Worlds Like?


As you all know, I’m pretty new to VEX. I recently have qualified for the Worlds Tournament from the Texas Region 3 Regional Tournament this weekend.
As it’s my first time going to worlds, I’d like to hear what everyone with experience has to say about the experience of going to worlds.
What’s it like?
How big of a difference is it from regionals?

Thanks a lot guys.


I’m sure you will get lots of replies to this, but I’m going to derail for just a few lines.

Please don’t start dozens and dozens of new threads asking what worlds is like. Pile into this one.

Please don’t ask about the new game. We will ALL find out the last day of the VRC events and the last day of the VEXIQ events. Not before. Just wait. There are also dozens of threads about what the 2022-23 game will be, please don’t start another one.

Worlds is amazing.

#1 Don’t sit in your pit on your phone. There are teams from all over the US and from all over the world. Get a light colored shirt and a dark perm marker. Get a team from every country/state to sign your shirt.

#2 Worlds, while it’s about winning it isn’t about winning. It’s about the experience, the people you meet the things you see and do. Make the most of that experience. Organize pickup games on the practice fields.

#3 Make a button that says “I’m xxxx on the Vexforum”. Here is your chance to meet a forum person and maybe there are people looking for you. Make it easy for them to find you.

#4 Talk to teams about their designs their builds. Nobody is going to duplicate a robot in two days, teams will show off what they’ve done. For lots and lots of teams this is their last worlds, they are seniors. Here is your chance to learn from (or teach someone) their cool tricks.

#5 Have fun, remember, across the entire program (VRC, VIQ, VEXU, drones), only 11 teams will be World Champions. Odds are in your favor to not be one of them. Don’t ruin your experience by having a win or die expectation.

Edited to add #6 Thank all of the RECF staff, the referees and the volunteers that make this possible. They all put a ton of hours in, make sure they know that you appreciate it.

Good Luck!


When I went I always did this, I think the experience of meeting teams I had looked up to was more fun than actually competing.

Also really good. For TP worlds we made bracelets :grin:


I agree with everything that Foster said. Enjoy the experience- it’s amazing.

To answer your question about how different it is from regionals- I think that really depends on how competitive your region is. The first time one of my teams got an invite, we were the 3rd team in one of the old 3 team alliances, and to be honest we were carried to win the California State Championship. I knew very well that my team was not nearly as good as the other teams who qualified that day. We built a new robot, practiced hard, but still went to Worlds expecting to learn a lot, but lose most of our matches. We were very pleasantly surprised to get there and have a winning record. Worlds was actually a much easier competition than our State Championships was. I didn’t realize that California was such a competitive region until that trip.

I don’t know how competitive your region is, but it is very possible that Worlds will be easier than your regionals, but of course the opposite might also be true.


I fully agree with this. Just being at worlds and seeing all the other teams is so much fun because everyone there just loves robotics, its a great experince


Only one year?


This would mean waiting till 2023 :`(

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My team will be going to Worlds for the first time, and the students and coaches are clueless and anxious. I’m trying to decipher this very tentative agenda:


So Day 1 is skills only, Day 2 is skills and qualifying matches, and Day 3 is finals? What are “divisional” and “overall” finals? How many teams are expected to make it to Day 3?

How many qualifying matches do teams play?

What does a typical Day 1/2/3 look like?

How do you get your robot to TX (drive/ship/carry-on/checked-in luggage)? We’re in MI.

Do teams stay on- or off-site?

How do you get your robot from/to the convection center?

Any other logistics-related pro tips?


So Day 1 is skills only, Day 2 is skills and qualifying matches, and Day 3 is finals? What are “divisional” and “overall” finals? How many teams are expected to make it to Day 3?

So, to answer this question, I’m pretty sure Worlds is gonna be divided into divisions. This would mean that matches are played within the divisions, and when elims come, they will be within the certain divisions.
That’s when division finals come into play. The finalists in their respective divisions will play a match (or 3 idk), and the winner will qualify for the Overall finals.
Overall finals are the finalists from all the divisions, or the tournament champions of their own division, but not yet the entire tournament.

Sorry if that sounded confusing, its really better understood once you participate in an event with divisions.

Do teams stay on- or off site?

As far as what my mentor has told me, you don’t leave the convention center until they’re done for the night.

How many qualifying matches do teams play?
A lot, but they try and cut it down by dividing into divisions.


Any idea how they may divide middle school teams into divisions? Is it based on geography, ranking, chance? How many teams per division?

Is it one team from each division that makes it to the overall finals? Then it sounds like the number of divisions would be a power of two?

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Divisions get divided up in team order starting from team 1A to team 99999Z. First team into one division, next team into the next division, repeat as needed. That breaks up some of the Sister Team issues. The number of divisions is determined by the number of teams that have signed up. Historically it’s been in the 70-80 team range, but we’ll all need to wait and see.


One alliance, the champions of the divisional finals, make it to the overall finals.


Are VIQ teams allowed to pile in, too, or should I start another thread?


Pile in the VIQ questions! It’s the same pit size, same division like setup, etc. Difference will be the size of the fields :slight_smile:

Will there be Division Champions that will advance to Overall Finals, or will there be divisions, but all teams are ranked within the full tournament, the top 10 (or whatever) of which will advance to Overall Finals?

I can’t imagine they will have only one match running at a time, so will there be multiple livestreams, or what?

Is it true that Sunday the 8th is going to be only check-in, drivers’ meeting, and skills?

Do you still get three driver skills runs and three programming runs for the whole three-day event?

How far is it from the pits to the fields?

Since there will presumably be large pit areas and large field areas, how will you find your alliance partner and your field?

What time will stuff start and end every day?

Will there be a party afterwards or are we expected to just go home?

I found a not-very-specific “tentative agenda”

each division will have a separate livestream


depends on where you are positioned ofc, and also because its a new venue no one really knows 100%, but just based on past experiences at worlds the most you will walk is ~130ft

You walk around randomly until you find them, at past worlds it was in numerical order, and the fields are seperated by division, so thats not hard to find


A RECF town hall included this slide:

IIRC, red pits are HS, blue is middle school (two areas to handle the overlap in schedule.)


Did they say anything about IQ? It do you have the link or date so I can find it?

Town hall Link and I don’t remember them noting VIQ, but it should be the same setup, they just rip the fields out across the one night.

And I learned that one of the ways they are able to manage the IQ fields is that the entire field is glued together with a superglue. So it’s one big panel to move.

I’m interested to hear how moving the 6x8 sheet vs the old 4x8 sheet size works out.


Its like a convention. Theres a lot of cool people and cool stuff and when you get home after it you just want to sleep for 3 days.