When does the Expo center actually allow us to set up our pits?

I know that the pre-event check-in starts at 1 PM, but is that also when the doors open? Are teams allowed in earlier than that to set up their pits?

We talked to some folks setting up registration and they said we can’t go to the pits until registration opens. Also, I believe that’s the way it’s been in the past.

BTW, isn’t there something before registration at noon?

Yes, there’s the open forum. That’s why I started wondering if we could set up our pits earlier than 1 PM.

Where is that at?

According to the following document, it’s in B101-B105 ??? Not sure where that is.

According to this map, B101-B105 are to the left of South Wings A/B

If you are standing at the registration desk, look to your right. :slight_smile: