When will the COVID-19 Worlds Announcement be?

Can you rename this topic? Clearly there is no announcement.



@DRow remove this there is no announcement


I heard a rumor the announcement will be made to day. However, this topic is complelty misleading @DRow

I’ve updated the topic title.


Honestly, this was just to answer my question because I am very impatient (guilty) and anticipating the announcement. I didn’t mean for it to become another rumor mill, let’s just leave the question as answered so other can refer to this.
(Also I’m not going to make one of the answers the solution to the question because they all have different relevant info.)

Rumor mill is a great place for this, it’s fine.

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Our worlds qualifier was postponed indefinitely

where was it to be held?

Louisville Kentucky is where worlds is held at this year.

I meant where was the qualifying event. Like where was the event that got cancelled?

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The first post after your post is the correct solution.

Ah. Nevermind then sorry

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I understand yes that Dan will get to us, but as an international team, time is everything at the moment and this wait is excruciating. Bravo to those that are able to wait patiently. I really hope that there is a response soon, my guess is that with the ever changing climate, that an announcement that made sense Fri no longer is viable Monday. I feel for those making decisions, it is challenging times.

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I guess RECF is waiting until the last moment for various reasons.

They may have originally wanted to give teams who are going to states this weekend, a chance to play without knowing that Worlds have been already canceled.

They may have been waiting for the Louisville, Kentucky, or Federal government to issue an official no-go directive, which may let RECF an easier way out of the EXPO contract.

They may have been still hoping that COVID-19 could somehow stabilize in the coming weeks…

It seems that everybody on the the multiple levels of government are playing chicken, hoping or pretending that in a few weeks they could still somehow return to business as usual and still have big events like Kentucky Derby, VEX Worlds, etc…

After reading news for the last few days and observing how rapidly our local school district officials have reversed they stance from “don’t worry we are just in the monitoring phase” to “absolutely no school based travel and there will be no penalties if you don’t come to school starting tomorrow”, I pretty much convinced that there won’t even be “come at your own risk” Worlds and, most likely, no US Open either.

This article is a short read and it summarizes the current state of COVID-19 epidemic very well:


Worlds isn’t canceled. As of now, Dan Mantz and the RECF have not made any announcement as to what will happen, who can go, and what procedures will be in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Any other information that you see is simply false! Only trust official vex forum posts by Dan Mantz, RECF emails, or the robot events website. Thank you and have a nice day!

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i know there hasn’t been a statement yet but i mean there’s a case in louisville and i don’t think rec would wanna put anyone in jeopardy


I do believe the announcement will be today actually

Our district in Colorado cancelled all out of state travel 2 days ago. Since then I have seen on the forums and the VEX World Coaches Facebook page that teams from all of the following states have reported the same thing. Some teams are even reporting cancelations or postponements of state tournaments. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, Maryland, Los Angeles, Georgia, Florida, New York, and us in Colorado. Not to mention all of the countries that can’t make it.

There has also been quite the discussion about students not getting sick from covid-19 so they will be fine. One of our students has a medical condition that parents and doctors cannot figure out. He has been in and out of school all year. So we have no idea what could happen to him should any of the rest of us be exposed. It’s not only the elderly we are concerned about but one of our own 12 year olds.

Stay safe. Stay smart. Stay healthy. Life goes on and in the end we are all teaching our students to be lifelong learners and engineers. Not just winning trophies and traveling to Louisville, Kentucky.


Should we lock all the “When will Covid announcements be?” threads

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