When will the COVID-19 Worlds Announcement be?

So, I know that there have been many threads on this such as the very popular:

In this thread @Dan Mantz says
"We anticipate moving forward with a decision and contingency plans no later than the second week of March. "
I was wondering if anyone knew of any announcement of this sort that came out recently, or if anyone knows where this sort of announcement would be when it comes out.
Thanks, grape

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Sorry @Dan for tagging you instead of @DanMantz I am very new at this.

The announcement won’t be until after this weekend. The last world’s qualifying events are this weekend and they won’t announce anything until then. I am pretty sure his statement said announcement wouldn’t be until after the second week not “no later than the second week”.

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From what I know it will be around the 16th. The last worlds qualifying event is the 15th other then some Russian event with one team on the 18th. This is also around when teams are expecting the waitlist.

Wow, thanks for the quick responses guys, these have really helped, do you by any chance have any idea where the announcement will be? Or are we just all assuming it will be like all over the forum and robot events so it’s super easy to find?

I am sure Dan will announce it here on the forums and it will probably be on the event page on robotevents.com


Rest assured @Grape, there are many, many people eager for the official announcement. You can bet there will be plenty of discussion about the announcement, on the front page of the forum, for quite some time.

In the mean time, just wait patiently like everyone else :slight_smile:


I have heard it will be made Monday US time.

Actually, I believe that the Texas UIL Championship is on the 21st.

I have a thread about this…

Can you rename this topic? Clearly there is no announcement.



@DRow remove this there is no announcement


I heard a rumor the announcement will be made to day. However, this topic is complelty misleading @DRow

I’ve updated the topic title.


Honestly, this was just to answer my question because I am very impatient (guilty) and anticipating the announcement. I didn’t mean for it to become another rumor mill, let’s just leave the question as answered so other can refer to this.
(Also I’m not going to make one of the answers the solution to the question because they all have different relevant info.)

Rumor mill is a great place for this, it’s fine.

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Our worlds qualifier was postponed indefinitely

where was it to be held?

Louisville Kentucky is where worlds is held at this year.

I meant where was the qualifying event. Like where was the event that got cancelled?

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