Where can I get this?

Hey guys,

I have seen several teams use these chains this year but, VEX isn’t selling it anymore. Does anybody have some for sale or know of a place I can get some?

Pic: http://i63.tinypic.com/2j0cyf4.png

sprocket and chain

You want chain only?


Thank you guys.

Just remember to be really careful what applications you use it for. It is incredibly weak. Spinning an encoder as seen in picture is one of the really good uses for it.

Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

this… and bracelets. I think that about covers the options.

Oh, you kids. Before high-strength chain, teams did use the low-strength chain. It was useful, but you had to design within its limits. High strength chain is easier to use, but requires less elegance. Now, about those 3-wire motors…


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Oh, sure, you had 269 motors…

Nice post Dilion, I’m going to make sure all my roboteers have a copy of that for their notebooks.

Oh, I remember 3-wire motors… plastic gears.

When the 269 was released, it made things much easier. Then the days of 4 393 motors. Then it got bumped to 10. Now we’re using 12 393s…

+1 for Dillon.

The 269 motors and the hogh strength chain are probably the two most significant upgrades to the VEX line IMO. Yeah I know a lot of people will say the cortex but I’m gping with the chain and motors.

how is a 269 motor better besides that it saves space?

393 (more power)>269 (metal gears)>3-wire motor (cruddy plastic gears)

It is much more powerful than its predecessor, the 3 wire motor. It’s also possible that 269 was a typo, and 393 was the intended motor type.

Well motors have really changed so it isn’t compareable. 3 wire motors were weak. As one of the few other people on this forum who as used both I am sure you agree.