Where to buy parts?

Where to buy parts? Our team(s) seems to always run out of parts. Whether it is plexi, set screws for lock collars, rubber netting, rubber bands, or any other acceptable part not specifically made by VEX. I was wondering if others are running into the same problem and where you go to find the parts? Does anyone have a list of part names & where they get them? (E.g. #64 Rubber bands can usually be found at Office Depot).

Dokkaebi - very helpful, thanks… In the event we need to get parts right away, I’m wondering if others have found things at their local stores. And if so, what have they found?

For hardware, McMaster-Carr has virtually everything you could think of at decent prices.

Robosoure has pretty quick delivery and significantly better prices than you will get elsewhere. It actually ships faster for me than going to a store.

Here’s a nice article from Renegade Robotics: https://renegaderobotics.org/non-vex-resources-for-vex-parts/ You can also find your local VEX reseller. Some of them stock stuff, others just dropship from Texas.