Where to get spare parts

What is the best web sight to get spare parts

idk i use google.com web sight to get my parts


If you go to this link then you can search for the parts you need. I hope this helps.

I use RobotMesh to get parts, new game element sets, super kits, etc. because they usually have the same price as VEX, and they have free shipping in some areas. I hope this helps!


If you are looking for specific parts then your local reseller or VEX is your best bet. (Disclosure STEM Robotics is a reseller for Delmarva)

For cheaper and different parts look at the HEX bug line. You can often find them on sale (For example Michaels and Best Buy had recent 50% off sales). The HEXbug line gives you access to more parts that are not sold as a direct VEX part. For example the arms from the race car and foam rocket launcher are perfect for supports that need to curve around things like motors

You can also get used parts on EBay but be careful. The cost plus shipping can be more than what VEX will charge or that you will pay for a HEXbug in your local store.

Lastly Costco has run holiday specials, they end up being 50% off retail prices.

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thank you!!! this helps a lot!!!

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