Where will Worlds be held in 2024? (or should be held)

City of Dallas has voted to tear down the convention center and build a new one starting 2024.

So that leads to the question for future location of VEX Worlds.


On Wikipedia, it says it will be used up to 2024, so it is likely the demolition will begin after 2024 worlds. After that, it will probably move because vex robotics is expanding. Where would everyone want it to go after that? New convention Center or new location?

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That paragraph in wikipedia predates the tear down vote by the City.


They could hold it in a convention center in places like Vegas or one of the major cities in California.

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Maybe they could find another place in the middle of the country, like Kentucky was. It’s a 7-hour drive from where I live to Kentucky but a 16-hour drive to Dallas.


What group of states do you live in? (Please only vote if you qualified for Worlds this year.)
  • West Coast
  • Central South
  • Mississippi River
  • Middle East
  • North East
  • South East
  • Rockies
  • Great Plains
  • AK/HI
  • Other country

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I got a map of all 2021-2022 teams in the US.


If somebody could post a map of how many teams in each state (or area) went to Worlds (across all programs), that would be great.

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Bryan-College Station, TX


  • Between Dallas, Houston, and Austin

  • In the middle of a heavily populated area

  • Very close to me (important)

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Could have a world robotics championship one mile above sea level :smirk:


Somewhere near an international airport would be great.


I know it’s further for some state teams… But it is Worlds afterall so making it as easy as possible for the world to travel would be great.


I’m guessing it’ll move back to the new dallas convention Center once it’s complete. So a move would probably only be temporary

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It’s not really temporary. The renovation or rather reconstruction of the convention center is going to take several years. It’s a 2 billion dollar project.


The article said estimated completion by 2026. So 3-2 years.


Denver or SLC


I gotta say, LA seems like a pretty good location for the next worlds.
-international airport
-not as expensive as San Francisco or NY
-lots of locations to host it in


For things like this - you run with contracts and availability more than 2 years in advance. Not really doable now

Well it is two years before they even close the convention center, so it is doable.

Depends - new venue in Dallas would have Arena as separate structure - so no “dome” - so not ideal since design favors “ball rooms with view of Dallas”

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@meng Singapore?

One can dream!


Yup… I can only dream.

There are only 2 locations in Singapore that might be big enough to host worlds.
And the rental just for 1 worlds would be enough to cover that few years worth of rental in US. Lol.

But please minimise the need of domestic transfers for international teams. It will help us to shave off that few hundreds dollars per student.


Let’s think of Worlds in a more interesting way - how about a few cruise ships to Bermuda - where you have to handle the roll of the ship due to waves … Maybe Disney could be a sponsor! Have Pixar make great timeout videos!

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I knew it… you are a secret supporter of water game!