Where will worlds move to?

I’m fine with it staying in Louisville, as it’s a great venue - I can’t imagine there’s too many options that have both a large conference space and an arena connected like that - and it’s close enough that we don’t need to fly. That being said, a change would be nice, so long as the new venue is just as nice as the current one.

I know it’ll never happen because VEX is US-based, and how many US teams there are, etc… but Toronto anyone? I’d be fine driving 30 mins instead of 9 hours :slight_smile:


I can’t think of a better venue than the Kentucky Expo Center, but since it would cost much less for Vex to transport everything there, I would say somewhere in Texas, probably Dallas, would be the best places. Dallas has a large international airport, is close to the Vex HQ, and, importantly, has a large convention convention center.

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I have a high expectation for it to be in Indianapolis. Indiana is currently one of the largest states for VEX and our city has a TON of support for robotics. (Our City competition used to be hosted in Bankers Life Field house and the Convention Center, and it has turned to State being in Lucas Oil.

Atlanta is also where TSA Nationals is held so that could be realistic.

I see a lot of feasibility issues with the Indy Convention Center/Lucas Oil. Even though there’s a tunnel connecting them, they are still fairly separated. It’s also worth pointing out that it’s an extremely expensive facility. Our State Championship costs $200 for a single day event just in Lucas Oil. Obviously Worlds is a more expensive event, but it is my guess that Lucas Oil costs significantly more than the KEC/Freedom Hall option.

One other thing is the size of the venue. It was really awesome to see so many people in Freedom Hall last Saturday for the game reveal. Taking @Dave_Flowerday’s 19,000-seat estimate, Lucas Oil sits at about 67,000 seats–3.5x the seats. That facility fills up for Super Bowls and NCAA Championships. It will not fill up for the VEX World Championships. I wouldn’t like seeing the empty seats. As we all see at the State Championships, the empty seats are like an ocean of blue.

If Worlds were to move to Indy, some things would have to change. For example, we’d either have to say goodbye to the team party or VEX would need to host it themselves at the facility. There’s nothing fun around Lucas Oil.

For those that have not seen this yet. KEC confirmed for 2020. See my post from this other thread…

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The days looks kinda odd though… starting on Thu and ending on a Tue?

Tue seems fair enough if we factor in time for tearing down. But starting on a Thu?

And also… the number of days would mean that VRC and VexIQ will have to be at the same time?

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My Guess it is April 22-25 for VRC…

But that’s the problem… according to the website, the start date is 23 Apr, and not 22 Apr.

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This may be unlikely, but maybe VEX is doing something different in 2020. It isn’t out of the ordinary for VEX to change the Worlds schedule. Only a few years ago did they split VEX high school, middle school and VEXU with VEXIQ. I guess we will see in a year.

I have not seen dates for Worlds 2020 on RoboticsEducation.org pages…

did I miss something?

I just received an email from a colleague who stated the dates as starting the 22, not sure where he got his information.

It was based on @AidenPyle post… and the dates is according to the list of events listed (for Apr 2020) in KEC website.

Just find the dates listed kind of strange thats all.
Nothing official heard from RECF yet.

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They usually tend to post information about worlds at the EP Summit, so I’m sure we’ll get confirmation there

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It usually costs teams more than that to go to Worlds…

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We’re from Bangkok and it costs $1000+ just for flights per person. This year, we had to go through Tokyo, Chicago then get to Louisville. Which also took 2 days. To make it fair to asian teams as well, which is getting quite big, I think somewhere like Hawaii would be a great place. It has a huge airport which doesn’t make it packed like Louisville, it is centric from the US and asia mostly, and it also has a convention centre quite near the size of KEC. With travel infrastructures already there, I think it is a great candidate. Except you can’t drive there :man_shrugging:


Hawaii is ludicrously expensive once you’re on the island (food, lodging). I do think a westward move would be reasonable, maybe back to California? However, from a utilitarian standpoint that doesn’t offer that much of a discount though - most of the price is just getting across the pacific. On the other hand, having it centrally located in the US means many many US teams save a LOT of money by not having to fly at all, and putting it in California would mean East coast teams have to fly.


just thinking about it that is totally possible. i’m from central indiana and lucas oil and the surrounding area is perfect.

lucas oil would be like the equivalent of freedom hall but a lot bigger. and divisions will be held at the convention center which is like across the street.

they are also multiple hotels and parking garages that are connected directly to the convention center through branching like overpasses. pretty op spot where just about everyone should be able to just walk to worlds, albeit a long walk.

indianapolis airport is like 20-30ish minutes away (not sure) Chicago airport is 3ish hours away.

only problems i currently see are traffic and hotel Availablity is going to be TERRIBLE cause this is in the literal center of a city.

indiana states is currently held here. it is maybe going to be kinda awkward for indiana teams (but that’s fine)

and for me at least going to lucas oil is kinda boring compared to going out of state. i’d personally want to go to china but that isn’t going to happen

here is a map of the area. reminds me of Kentucky expo center


starting on thu and ending on tue is what happened at 2019 worlds

thursday - saturday = vrc(hs+ms) + vex u
sunday - tuesday = vex iq

VRC/VEXU worlds started on Weds. with team check-in and inspection.

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I think that Anaheim would be a great place to move to. I mean I live in Southern California so… LAX is a fair international hub. There are direct flights to and from places like Japan and Singapore. And honestly, wouldn’t we all rather go to Disneyland than Kentucky Kingdom??? (except for the part about Disneyland being so insanely expensive)