Where will worlds move to?

So as some might know, the contract with the Kentucky exposition center and vex will soon end, and if I’m not mistaken it will end next year. Where do y’all think that worlds will be held after the contract to host worlds in Kentucky has expired? I’ve heard Dallas (TX) which would be nice for texas teams like mine and considering that DFW airport is one of the top 5 major airports in the US it doesn’t sound too radical of an idea, but what are y’alls thoughts/predictions?


I would love to see Worlds back in Anaheim. I don’t know if that is possible logistically, but it would be great!! The Anaheim convention center has two international airports in close range, it is a decently large convention center, with many hotels within walking range, and don’t forget about Disneyland. I attended the 2014 Worlds and I absolutely loved it there, and would be thrilled if they brought Worlds back to California.


Not sure on the likelihood of it happing, but I’m routing for Indianapolis, IN


I honestly hope the contract gets renewed. I think the location is perfect. It is centralized in the biggest VEX country, and the international airport makes travel very easy. I think it would be nicer if freedom hall (which clearly cannot change) was a bit closer for us HS teams, but overall I can’t seem to think of anywhere else it should be that would work for everyone.


I loved Anaheim as well, the biggest problem there was the size of the arena. I don’t think that there are very many facilities that have the sheer floor space and an attached arena that is large enough. Although a domed stadium, like Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy might work. FIRST held theirs in the Georgia Dome for years. The NFL combine is held in Indy due to the size of the venue and the close proximity to a lot of hotels. I am not sure that the Indy airport is any better from a logistical standpoint than Louisville. I am not sure either are major hubs.


Well, with VEX splitting IQ into a separate week from VEX EDR for Worlds, there might be enough room at Anaheim.

I looked it up and the Anaheim Convention Center apparently has 1.6 million ft^2 of total space while the Kentucky Exposition Center has 1.3 million ft^2. Freedom Hall does have 18000ish seats though compared to the 7500 in Anaheim’s arena. (Please correct my numbers if I’m wrong, the websites weren’t too clear)

@EasierSaidThanDone although it might have more square footage there are a lot more factors that square footage and seating

Sorry, I was just offering numbers to @536Mentor’s concern about the size of the convention centers.

If I’m correct, this is the last year of I want to say 3 or 4 option years. So 2015 then 2016-2019 were the options.

Big factors I remember were how much open, contiguous space there is in the layout.

KEC > Anaheim in that factor alone, with the usage of the west hall.

Freedom Hall > the Anaehim Dome.

I’ve been on record saying Indy would be a great city, and they held states at Lucas Oil last year.

But who knows? I think Atlanta would be nice. Massive airport (the busiest in the entire world), the complex around Mercedes-Benz is nice and could work well.

Of course, my heart will go out to my home area of DC, but that won’t happen.


@OscarMNOVA12 oooh but a signature event at like the air and space museum would be really cool.


Next year - It’s going to happen. Organizers are committed to making it a yearly event.


Las Vegas is always my suggestion. You won’t have huge spikes in hotel costs from worlds and has enough convention centers it could house IQ and VRC at the same time. (it shouldn’t but it has the space)


Las Vegas is always my suggestion. You won’t have huge spikes in hotel costs from worlds and has enough convention centers it could house IQ and VRC at the same time. (it shouldn’t but it has the space)

I would be down with Vegas. A good spot to host it at.


honestly it would be cool in vegas tbh


A few random thoughts:

  1. Anaheim is awesome, and, now that the Great Recession is over, really expensive. Louisville is not expensive.

  2. Every single year some number of forumites agitate for Indianapolis. Mostly people from Indiana (why wouldn’t you want to visit somewhere else?)

  3. I would never, and I mean never, take a group of minors to Las Vegas again. Did it, won’t do it again. Even the billboards are unacceptable.

  4. Someone mentioned the Georgia Dome. Alas, it is no more.

  5. How about Century Link field and conference center in Seattle? Then, you could get great scenery AND the water game you have all been asking for!


Would be nice if vex worlds doesn’t clash with FRC worlds


They are the ones taking 2 weekends in April, blame them.


Blame FIRST for splitting Champs, which no one wanted.

That split didn’t make sense, whereas the VRC-VIQC split I could rationalize and see the benefits from in the 2 seasons it’s happened.

Split Champs? It hasn’t had the same feel.


my backyard, I already signed the contract.