Where will worlds move to?

If you look at the Kentucky Expo center site, it still says it will host the vex robotics world championship.

it expired this year

@iskdyl The contract has been renewed for at least another year. See my post from earlier in this thread.

This contract was not a renewal it was part of the original contract signed years ago. That will be the last year in Louisville.

First year was in 2015 with 4 option years on top. They did re-up it for one more year.

The 2020 VEX Robotics World Championship is in Louisville from April 22 - 28.

The REC Foundation signed the contract with the KEC to add 2020 in December 2017. It was not part of the original contract.

The REC Foundation has not made a final determination for the host city for the 2021 - 2024 VEX Robotics World Championship. We do have two finalists and continue to work with both cities to finalize the selection. And no, I’m not disclosing who the final two cities are… :wink:

Please note we consider a lot of factors in selecting a city: one of the most important is overall cost to the teams. We have actually negotiated a better hotel deal for 2020 and the REC Foundation is passing on any savings to the teams.

This entire host selection city process is more difficult than you would expect - there are so many moving pieces and all 42 cities we initially reached out to all have different strengths and weaknesses that we reviewed. This is one process I would never have anticipated being involved with even 5 years ago…

Please note that Brad is leading this process but the final decision must be approved by the Board of Directors.




Well this whole thread is a bit useless now, isn’t it?

I mean, we can still try to predict what the next-next venue will be. Maybe Dan will give us some juicy easter eggs in the near future :slight_smile:


I think that worlds should be moved to someplace exotic. (Hopefully Tropical)


I would actually hate that because I much prefer colder climates.


I think you mean to say bias.

So, you’re saying Tampa, right?
That’s what I got from the post…


I’m betting the two finalists are dallas and louisville.


Tampa would be fun because then teams could spend a day at the beach or see a sports game (Lightning or Rays). But I would be fine with whatever city is chosen.

When is the city selection going to be released?


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it will move to somewhere around the D.C. area. Whether its around northern VA or Maryland. Datacenters are booming in Ashburn VA, and it would be a great opportunity to expose VEX teams to that field of profession.


As long as they are laying the Redsox :wink:

It could also be at the Pittsburgh convention center, It is huge and would definitely be able to house the tournament

Being from the DC Area, only place you really could do it is in the Washington Convention Center.

I think due to layout of everything there, and cost of everything, especially witth how busy the Center is, it’s not a contender.

Same for Pittsburgh. The total exhibition space isn’t that great and isn’t advantageous to a massive layout for 2 major competitions. Worlds as is uses around 500K sq ft in terms of space for all the divisions.


if it’s held on the east side of the US it’s going to get even harder for asian teams to travel so i dont think that’s very likely. it’s also further from Texas where they have to send all their judges, fields and whatnot from.