Which VEX V5 Competition kit to buy for new VEX team?

Hi all,

my kids will start to create a new VEX team and start to build with the goal to compete. I can see there are Competition Starter Kit ($899.99) and Competition Super Kit ($1499.99) . Which kit do you guys recommend to buy? I understand Starter kit only has 2 omni-wheels and 4 motors (while competition allows 8). So my choice seems to be:

  • Buy Starter kit, with 4 extra motors and 2 more omni-wheels (assume kids will build a base using 4 of them), which seems still a few hundred bucks cheaper.

  • Buy Super Kit.

Your thought? Thanks!

If your students are new to robotics, I’d go with the Starter kit. They’ll be introduced to robotics concepts and be able to modify their robot to better suit this game. Throughout the season they can purchase parts if they want to build with more than what they have.

However, if your students have had experience with robotics or plan to work extra hard early season, I would recommend Super Kit. Yes, it’s $600 more, but it gives students a lot more options when building, and will perform better in competition, if that’s what your students are after.


On the VEX world coaches association Facebook page is a spreadsheet comparison analysis of the kits’ contents that might help you choose what’s best for your team.


There was just a post made by a couple teams today about building a robot for the lowest amount of money possible while staying somewhat competetive, I’ve included a link to it if you want to check it out