White screen and buzzing sound coming from the brain

So today in the class we experienced this issue so we were confused what I found out was that the old brains don’t have a reboot hole and so the old natures can cause the brain screen to have a white fuzzy screen with a buzzing sound so switch out your battery to a new one or if that does not work or update your brain if not that I can’t help it.

This statement implies that there are brains out there with reset holes, which would be news to me. Are you sure this is a V5 brain (vs EXP)? If so, would you mind sending a picture of this reset hole?

White screens can occur from brief power interruptions (loose/bad battery cable etc.), though it’s worth noting that newer firmware can potentially mitigate this somewhat by rebooting instead of whitescreening.


Was this on Vex IQ ?


No but yes some brains do have holes but the first V5 set of brains don’t and yes they can be occurred by electoral interruptions