Who wants me to run a Minecraft server?

I was asked if I still have a Minecraft server up and running. I don’t currently but have always wanted to run one seriously. I’ve had three servers in the past, but they always kind of fizzle.

I actually have a great set of hardware for this task, which I could set up later this winter break.

But is there a demand? Who here would want this and actually use it?

Pretty sure people were reading this thread from almost 3 years ago lol. People on the new forum must have been having trouble checking the date of posts.


I would only play on a mc server if it had computercraft or opencomputers and one of the circuit mods like project: red

A couple years ago a bunch of us made a faction on the biggest minecraft server in the world (maybe it was 3rd biggest).
We pretty much ran the server in a matter of weeks and we’re the cause of most of its crashes by the time we finished up some Redstone creations. I don’t know how much time any of us would be willing to put into playing on the server but similar minded people who know logic and strive for efficiency in all things will make the logistics of running this difficult.

I would play! Sounds like a very fun idea.

Im willing to host, i have a dedicated server and about 80mps down 20-30 mbps up

Vex server!!! YES!!!

That’s pretty decent @PixelToast I believe I have 50Mbps down, not sure on the up. On holiday 1,600 miles from home atm.

I can host a server if people want, I have a dedicated server with 100mbs up and down. I would also consider creating an account on the server so someone could admin it themselves.

OMG CODY, I really want to play, I too could host a server, I mainly have FTB servers that I can set up!

Just a VEX community server similar to Mianite would be cool

Hey Everyone!
I got a server spun up, it’s on it’s own Gigabit FIber connection. It’s vanilla for now, but if anyone has a better idea, let me know.

The IP is: vexcraft.hfreni.space

No Whitelist!

Haha, sounds fun. I may reinstall Minecraft for this. :slight_smile:

I don’t have time for any serious projects, but I do enjoy a good building project (I was whitelisted on the Voxelbox, if anyone knows of that server).

This would be cool. I might play from time to time, but I don’t know how much time I would actually invest in this.

Okay, so quick update,

We decided to migrate the server to FTB, which is modded minecraft, we’re using the Infinity 2.2.2 Pack, which is available at this link: http://www.feed-the-beast.com/

Server Should Be Up Soon. The IP still is: vexcraft.hfreni.space

Coming on right now!

OK given that other people are better equipped for this, I’ll leave it in their hands. I don’t see all that much demand anyway.

This forum is not a place for people to argue about video games. Take it somewhere else. I’m deleting multiple posts from this thread.

Hey sorry to kind of revive a dead thread but is this server still a thing? I played on it a bit when it was first made.