WHy can't I check if joystick buttons are pressed?

Ok so I’ve ran into an issue with Robot Mesh Blockly.

I’m trying to create a controller program with Blocky instead of CE for more complicated movement patterns, but whenever I add the “[button] is pressed?” block it only shows “[none configured] is pressed” and doesn’t give me any options in the dropdown menu.


I’ve configured the joystick and tried using the Connect button while the robot and remote are both on, but no luck. Maybe I’m missing something obvious but I just can’t figure this out. Any ideas?

You are using the wrong block.
Scroll to the bottom of the VEX IQ Sensors section and you will find the block for the joystick buttons, right above the Joystick Set Deadband block.


facepalm That was so obvious thanks for the help.

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Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there…


… and some of us have made multiple trips there. :wink: