* Why does the autonomous program skip line?

  • Why does the autonomous program skip line? This program is randomly happening, which is really driving us nuts. When our robot runs the Pitching In Auton, the program will skip a 50-degree turn randomly, like last weekend tournament, my son run auton 3 times, the robot skipped this turn twice. I was thinking not enough torque on the driving base since we are using a 2:1 gear ratio, but the robot can make a 90 degree turn every single time. In the auton, we are programming the 2 motors separately and using the gyro, and on the turnings, the speed of the 2 motors is 30 rpm.

Could you share your code?

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Just this Turnleft50image

Please share the actual file.
You are asking people to check a function, but they can’t see the contents of that function.
With VEXcode blocks, either attach the iqblocks file or use the Share button in VEXcode to create a PDF of your code which you can then post here.

Yes, everyone who wants coding help almost HAS to post the entire code. Saying, “Why is it skipping my turn?” without posting the whole code is like saying, “Why does my car not run?” without sending any pictures or explanation.

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