Why does VEX make teams buy a complete set of the game elements and just a few for small teams?

I have been frustrated that VEX makes small teams buy a complete set of game elements and do not offer them individually. This is hard for teams with limited funds and at the end of the season there is a lot of WASTE polluting the environment.

Literally, you are incorrect.

Note you can buy rings only, mobile goals, and platforms.

I would work with your RECF Team Engagement Manager to identify teams in your area to work together and acquire what you need.

I would work with your RECF Event Partner Engagement Manager to work with EPs in your area to see if you can borrow gear between events in exchange of volunteering events.

Be creative. The best teams give back in many ways.


If you want to compete in LRT it is necessary to buy a field. If you want to compete in-person you really don’t need to buy the elements as long as you are willing to test your bot at comps.

I would suggest finding private funding through small businesses
@Team19697 had to get private funding this past year so I believe he will have a little bit more insight on the topic.

Edit: @lacsap is correct, you can buy separate elements on the website and I’m sure teams will be more than willing to help out


My school has been using game elements in a myriad of ways to make sure they do not end up in landfill. Waste occurs when people just dump stuff. I am appreciative you raise this point! All teams, EPs should think about repurposing gear post season.


The Kits are $289 & $199. I would like just one mobile ring goal.
As far as I know I am the ONLY school within 90 miles.

Back to my suggestion - reach out to your RECF EEM or TEM - I do not know if any region in which an EP or Team that would not step up to help. You might need to step up and support other teams or events. That is an example of community in its purist form.

If you are only school in your region - where are you going to compete? Most competitions are 16+ team events. Not knowing your region, so I will not stick foot in mouth, but things work out. I know for example, our school worked with only team in Bermuda, it was a great collaboration and RECF was able to assist to allow the team to compete at our school - so for a moment their island was part of Massachusetts.



I am also confused by this - rings are shipped with each team registration. Mobile goals - eh that is some you can model with cardboard, PVC and weights. All specifications are part of Appendix A of Game Manual. I recall my first season volunteering (Sack Attack) the head coach’s wife sewed up bean filled sacks to Game specification. I also recall a team that 3D printed game objects but neglected to account actual size and weight of objects. Teams have also built their own field perimeters. Nothing specifies that teams need to buy parts to practice. Just be sure the objects you use meet the object specifications.

You have options.


For Tower Takeover, we gave the cubes to the kindergarten and preschools classes to use as blocks


I’m with the OP, for the first $150 lets get two rings and a mobile base. You don’t get anything for the 2nd to 100th team at $100 each. I get the entire RECF funding model, but …


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