Why is the VEX Forum so addicting?

Hey. I was looking through my screen time and I realized that I spent most time on the VEX forum.

I would like to hear your guys stories about forum addiction and your takes on why it’s addicting.


I guess we need to hear his tales.

Because We’re all little robotics nerds who have no life out of robotics.


Because it’s a place to think and talk about vex when you aren’t actively working with a robot.

also I don’t have the most time read, the forum doesn’t let you sort by that metric, but @Got_a_Screw_Loose appears to have the most as far as I can tell.


Thx for the response and it appears so. 20 character

Meng and James in first for days visited

For effort reading has Codec in first

I’m on top for topics created (which surprised me)

But James is way ahead on responses to topics

But the real forum hero is @Illyana with over 30,400 likes delivered!



we all are nerds


This should be in dankest memes. So funny!

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You forget to check for 4 days and nobody cares about you.

Really just think its interesting how close it is up there


It would have been nice to see it carry over from the before times, people like @murdomeek and @Quazar would be on top.


Yess Sir, or I mean Mammmm my life has been based on robotics for 6 years, I have never had a normal life, I have teammates as my firends and no one else to talk to becouse people think we robotics people are nerds, when we are actully REALLY REALLLY REALLLLLLLYLYYYT Cool.


Why am I here, just to suffer…


I could break that record in no time


Actually you can’t because there’s a time limit per number of likes :wink:


“no time” being relative to how long @Illyana has been liking posts for.


If 470 days is no time, be my guest!

60 likes a day
Taran has 28200 to go


I do however feel like that would be considered vote manipulation, and I don’t think our helpful administrators would appreciate that.

Plus I wouldn’t want to incidentally like another post about puppies.


Also, that is assuming that Illyana doesn’t like any posts for the next 470 days.


Not even every vrc team has vtow or vexforum goer or god forbid regular. Obviously, vexforum is a nerdy place for top robotics nerds, without the irregular language of vtow (sharky_do song choices are the exceptions, lol).

And speaking of the problem of catching up to the like minded nerdy individuals, here is an interesting problem:

Let say you and your friend need to get from place A to place B the fastest. You can walk fastest with the velocity (V1w) and your friend with the velocity (V2w), You have one bike between two of you and could ride with the top speed (V1r) and (V2r) respectively. Please, devise an algorithm of how you should share the bike to get to place B the fastest if you know the total distance between A and B and can use the watches to keep track of time. Second question: is it possible to have the optimal bike sharing algorithm if you don’t have watches or don’t know the numbers for your top velocities?


VEX Forum is what everyone wants with regard to problem-solving. Everyone wants a single trustworthy database that is made by both the community and the moderators. And with this database, you will be able to find a solution or request it with explanation. To those learning, VEX Forum is a tool to advance the knowledge of individuals, and to those who are teaching, VEX Forum is a convenient location that provides the opportunity to pass down knowledge. But, overall, VEX Forum is enticing when everyone is capable of speaking the same language and terms.

You will quickly find that if you desire something, and you are with a community of individuals who desire the same thing too, you will naturally gravitate towards talking to them and expanding your own intellectual capability. From gaining knowledge, you gain more intelligence. If what is spoken has a clear purpose for you, it no longer becomes boring and your brain will reward you with a dopamine rush as a “thank you for this valuable information.” So you become attached to the resource, community, or group that you relate to that gives you a satisfactory feeling.

Additional note:
Once you enter into college… If you are lucky enough to get into your choice of major (assuming you like the major for the major and not just for the sake of profit), you will find yourself being involved with the most fun in your life. The entire college/department for the major is filled to the brim with students with similar mindsets as you, and if you just talk to anyone you will almost immediately gain a new friend as well as new valuable information. And with receiving the new information, comes a dopamine rush as well.