Why should I choose Vex IQ over EV3 to teach kids?

I am trying to set up a weekend school class of robotics for kids in our community. On one side, I have a friend whose company uses Vex IQ as part of its afterschoo curriculum in CA. On the other hand, Lego was around for a long while and I used WeDo with kids when my d was younger.

Could you please help me with PROs and CONs of using VEX IQ over Lego Mindstorms EV3?


Here’s a similar thread to answer your question. EV3 vs Vex IQ For Middle School

PLUS on using Lego
Kids know it
Thousands of different pieces available

Minus on Lego
Robots are fragile
Robotic parts are slightly more expensive
No easy way for roboteers to drive

Plus on VEX
Basic robot kit is inexpensive ($400 with shipping)
You can start with HEXbug kits to get some enthusiasm. For example the Race car, crossbow, etc. Those parts are 100% compatible. These kits range from $9.99 to $30
Robots can be sturdy enough to bounce from a 2’ height.
Lots of good examples of robots to build (https://www.vexrobotics.com/vexiq/resources/robot-builds)
Roboteers can drive within 30 mins of starting a build

Minus on VEX
Small fingers have problems with the pins
Not as many cool parts in the base kit

I have a pretty robust VEXIQ program at the library level. Some kids mess around with parts, the roboteers build robots.

Good luck!


Also, there is no driving aspect of the FLL competition. Sure, you can use a controller and IR sensor (comes in some boxes), or an iPad app. But in IQ, there is a driving aspect. Also, in IQ, you have to build mechanisms for a couple things to do, but in FLL, there are a lot of missions to code for. Also in IQ, you can use 6 motors and 6 sensors, but in FLL, it’s 4 motors and 4 sensors with 2 different types of motors (large and medium).

VexIQ is better quality and can open up a whole lo more of opportunities. If you can raise enough money also you can buy better kits if your students are starting to show a major passion or interest in it. after that they can go to competitions and kind of start a career for them. i know this is a lot but it is worth it.

There’s a new Peg Puller tool that will be coming out soon, that should address that.
Source: https://blog.vex.com/2020/02/05/vex-rewind-january-recap/

I’ll beat the others to this “Ships in 8 weeks?” :grinning: Looks nice, and I’ll get one. When I deliver new Superkits I also bring along

24 compartment drawer for sorting small parts into
5" needle nose pliers
5" bent nose pliers

To get them started. Other resellers may not be doing that.

If you’re looking at keeping IQ Superkits organized, especially in a classroom setting where you want to be sure students have a complete kit to start the season, take a look at this organizer: https://www.robosource.net/vex-iq-related/430-parts-organizer-vex-iq-super-kit-foam.html

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I love the foam organizer. It would be nice if they had spots for the first set of upgrades 90% of the teams make in Omni wheels. The other things I suggest to teams is one of the long beam pack, the advanced connector set and another motor.

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We issue all our Virus teams a Foundation add-on kit, 2 more motors, and Omnis, with another custom cut foam organizer. But there hasn’t been enough interest yet to make them in quantity.

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