Will GDC ban string/string launcher for expansion in endgame?

I know this is a bit far out but in version 3.0 of the game manual or some other update, I think that using string or string launchers for the endgame will either get banned or they would add a rule that make them essentially useless. What does everyone else think?

Already a thread discussing this. Feel free to move the discussion there if you feel it is still relevant after giving a read.


The issue is that it’s almost impossible to word a rule, unless you entirely banned strings. At that point there’s not many options left besides scissor lifts or similar designs for expansion. I would be more in favor of making expansion time the last 30 seconds, that way teams have time to enact anti-string strategies, such as using a roller to respool another team’s string.


This would be entanglement, no?


Rules about entanglement are void during the endgame per G12d


Just thinking out loud here… How would string launchers change if vertical expansion was not allowed in the end game?


I’m guessing the whole reason it was changed was because it wasn’t enforceable.



Low shooting string launchers might be a bit safer. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Head Referees beginning to issue R4-d violations for weighted strings crossing the field perimeter as hazardous projectiles, especially on events using raised fields where these assorted parts could strike drive team members or referees in the face if they are shooting up and over the perimeter. If this starts happening, then teams should be confident their string launchers don’t “aim high”


A way I could see this happening is to have 2 size limit expansion times so blocking mechanisms that can only go out so far are able to counter the strings. Maybe at 30 seconds you can expand to 36 inches.

Probably not, but they might, and make a rule saying that you can only use a certain amount of string.

i think that is actually a great compromise

  • I would be in support of limiting expansion in the endgame
  • I would be in support of a different solution that limits string cannons
  • I would not like there to be an endgame(probably not an option)
  • I think that this element should remain the same

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One concern I have is that by restricting the hight of launchers you would have to increase the the amount of engery in the launcher for launch something the same distance but with a lower launch angle. That could be more dangerous while loading, building and testing. It also could damage the feild if powerfull enough.

The string launchers being saftey hazards feel similar to the deploying trays in Tower Takeover. Fast objects going over the edge of the feild.


While the GDC coined the idea of a scissor expansion tool in the video, as engineers we come up with better ideas to be used on our robots. For this reason, the GDC is to have no issue with a better alternative solution.

On the subject of changing the game, no one can even guess what they could change. Though there might be a high chance it’s about the endgame.


Because I’ve been thinking about endgame expansion lately, I think that making endgame longer, maybe last 20 seconds of the match might make string cannons less used as teams could take advantage of the unlimited expansion and make “walls” that could block owned rollers from being changed. This could lead to counter play, maybe flip out roller spinners that can reach farther, and could make alternative expansions more viable, and make expansion less about just covering more tiles and also about taking advantage of the unlimited expansion to make clever strategies that I probably haven’t thought of. Just my two cents on how to potentially make string launchers less used. (Maybe string launchers still will be used, idk I can’t predict the meta changes)


Truthfully I was hoping teams would find other ways of horizontal expanding, I mean, we’ve seen wall bots, attachments that literally fall off the bot, and expand because of rubber bands and sliders, and all those literally push the robots out of the way instead of sending a string literally flying and not knowing where exactly it will land.

WE had an incident this past weekend at my tournament, there launcher was facing the wrong direction, but once the endgame buzzer went off, they launched it and it went straight to a 6 ft tall glass trophy case that was 6 ft away from the field. Luckily it did not shatter the glass, but it was a huge nut off of an air tank that was launched. Just thinking if a ref or someone on the older side was standing there, their leg could of gotten a good bruise or worse on it.

I guess its just me thinking that endgame was going to be more about how to get their robots to expand safely and make it harder for other teams to cross over them.


While I’m not entirely sure I think that they might just adjust it to being no string launchers because the problem is most ways of countering string could be seen as entanglement.

If the vertical expansion limit was returned to endgame, some of these concerns diminish. Designs would need to launch horizontally or on a downward trajectory. Teams would also be wise to mount launch mechanism some amount below 18". In this situation, only launches in the wrong direction and near the perimeter would be able to escape the field.

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Or build something besides a launcher, build a wall bot, build something that pops out from the base. There’s so much other things that could be stronger, and more consistent on what you touch than randomly firing a piece of metal tied to a string.

I guess it’s just the tech and teacher in me but to me string tied to metal is a cop out between all the other things I’ve seen kids build.

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maybe don’t have your endgame launcher be this powerful???

Problem solved