Will launching a string attached to an axle collar to take up space for the Spin Up competition not make me pass inspection?

My team was thinking that instead of using an extender to take up space to get final points, we could tie strings to an axle collar and launch it to take up more space[date=2022-12-11 time=05:30:00 timezone=“America/New_York”]. We got this idea from another team in a qualifier, but we weren’t sure if we should add it, since I think there was a rule to not have things flying out of our robot. Should we replace our extender, or should we not?

Things flying out of the robot is not prohibited in the manual, so it is legal. As long as the string launcher/expansion mechanism is inside the size requirements at the start of the match, and only expands in the last 10 seconds of the match, its legal.

Okay! Thanks for the clarification! :smiling_face:

Please note the changes to the Game Manual that were posted on November 1. If you expand before the endgame (the last 10 seconds), you must move your robot out of the way and you are “disabled” for the remainder of the match. If you “shoot” string or anything out of your robots that touches anything outside of the field or touches the exterior of the field walls, you will be disqualified. It is always good to read the Game Manual thoroughly. If it is not expressly forbidden in the rules, then it is allowed.