Will STEM count toward Excellence at Worlds?

Since not all teams will be able to present their STEM projects, will STEM count toward Excellence at worlds?

Team A wins STEM and does not qualifies for Worlds.
Team B wins Excellence and qualifies for Worlds, but his STEM project was not so good. Won excellence due to Rank, Design, Skills, Programming.
Team C wins Teamwork and qualifies for Worlds, and his STEM was the second best, but did not win it, cause Team A was better.

In that case, Team B will be able to present his project, while Team C would not and Team B would have an advantage over Team C, when Team C STEM could be better.

To answer your questions, please refer to the VEX Worlds VEX IQ Judges’ Handbook, which is available on the VEX IQ Event Documents site. Judges will use the process outlined in this handbook, specifically in the Award Criteria section, to determine award recognition at VEX Worlds.