Will the Drivers meeting be at worlds or on Youtube

I was just curious when and where the drivers meeting will occur, I haven’t seen anything on YouTube yet and cannot find anything about it on the worlds website and vex websites. Just wondering for future reference.


The Driver’s Meeting will be prerecorded and posted this Friday, April 14. Your coach/mentor should have gotten or will be getting an email notification about it.


Ok! Thank You! I suppose I did not see the email thank you for the info!

I just checked - didn’t see any email about this in my inbox too.


Yes I hadn’t saw anything about it yet either.

The drivers meeting was just posted via youtube! (VIQC and VRC)

this helps to find it.


Anyone got the Whova app working? The code doesn’t let us in

Yes - I do know it works for coaches if they log in with their RobotEvents.com credentials.
→ download app
→ in app search for VEX Worlds
→ sign in using RE credentials

I have no clue about team view.

Here is more information:

It does not appear there is a student version of this app.

Also need to enter a code to join the event… has not showed up for me yet.

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You just need to create the account using the email address that you use for robotevents


Apparently only works for primary contacts, not working for me as a secondary contact at the moment.


Anyone got their lanyards and badges in yet?


This just came in on RECF mailing:

The safety of your students is our highest priority, and after consulting with coaches and other members of the VEX community, we made the difficult decision to discontinue the use of the VEX Worlds app on Whova due to security concerns.

For information about event logistics, maps, what to do when you arrive in Dallas, and more, visit our mobile site at vexworlds.com.

For match lists, please download the VEX Via app on the Apple Store or Google Play.

My take - delete the app - unregister with Whova site.

That said, any credentials identifying you is still stored if you signed up as it connected my RobotEvents account from mobile to online access.

I hope RECF discloses security concerns that caused RECF to cease relationships with Whova and possible privacy/safety/identity concerns - @DanMantz (sorry, need to know risk)


I can speak on this. There were no “active” security threats or concerns but we decided to remove the app based on “potential” risks. When we beta tested the app there were a lot of great features but there were other features that gave us cause for concern. We created a list of changes that included:

  1. Things that “must” be changed
  2. Things we would “prefer” to be changed
  3. Things where we could adapt our oversight procedures to make the app work as we prefer

After many discussions with the app developers, and our own internal testing, we quickly found that our “must changes” would not and could not happen. We were not willing to risk student safety just for the public to have access to information that already exists on a mobile friendly website (www.vexworlds.com). In order to fully implement the app, we needed to be sure that we would have 100% control over the app, its features, content, and general user/account access and in the end we could not guarantee that.

As one who sat in the discussions, I am very proud of those who were on the team and those who provided feedback. Student safety was the number one priority and this decision fully reflects that. Going forward we recommend everyone use www.vexworlds.com for all event information as well as the VEX Via app for match schedules.


thank you for clarifying why pulling back.

What steps should we who signed up for the app and accessed both their mobile and website access (from them sending us email telling us to do so)?

As a person who has had misfortune of being part of many data breaches of passwords - having specific action plan for your consumers that followed directions provided by RECF and at the time partner would be beneficial.

Has Whova deleted all Worlds accounts that have been created? Has Whova been notified not to contact Worlds attendees?

It is concerning, as we are now part of Whova ecosystem - which could results in future contacts by the company.


Anyone can proactively delete their account if they wish (instructions) .

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Alas, Whova most uncooperative
“You did not have an account with use so we don’t have any of your data collected.”

Which is odd, as their system recognized me for both Mobile app and their online website.

I think this is an RECF/VEX problem to resolve with their provider.


Marketing has been told that they are in the process of removing and deleting the entire database of accounts associated with our event.