Will VEX release the new game early due to Worlds cancellation?

Should VEX release the new game early in light of the World Finals cancellation?

Would be interesting but they probably won’t. Kinda cool to have this be the longest off-season ever I guess.


All of these threads got closed down by the same man. Notice the pattern?


It would be kind of cool, but it would have to be anticipated. They can’t just throw it on youtube one day and expect everyone to know. I honestly don’t know how they’ll handle it.

You know who it was?

It was a joke. Drow is an admin on the Vex forum and he’s been closing down threads like this seen as there are already like 10 threads exactly like it. Please take advantage of the search bar on the forum and look up what u want to know

Please use search before posting new threads about event cancelations or if the new game will be released early. Mods are getting tired of closing down all the duplicates, especially as no one knows the answer yet.