Will VEX worlds be postponed?

Hi! This is just out of curiosity, and not to make a big deal out of anything, but will vex worlds actually have to be postponed? Due to the coronavirus outbreak in different countries (China, Italy, etc.), it is becoming harder to travel to different places (especially the USA). I don’t want to suspect the worse, and maybe the virus will clear up in time for Worlds, but there’s a chance that it will happen. Sorry if I’m exaggerating anything, just posing a burning question.

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@drow merge with similar topic?

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Before you create a thread use the search tool. There is another thread in this already

Please check the other posts. There are multiple threads on this. In summary, a decision hasnt been made. Vex is monitoring and will make a decision by I believe the second week of March.

I am pretty sure they shut down that thread or at least stopped replies. People still have questions about this topic but aren’t able to ask in the other post.

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I would think if they postponed olympics i would think they do same for worlds

Just my opinion, nothing confirmed.

I actually believe that it will be canceled. Due to the rate of testing that is going on in the US compared to other countries like China, it is very likely that there are way more patients infect than what is being said. In addition, worlds is in about 2 months which means that the infection rate can increase dramatically. We’ve seen some crazy exponential infection rate in China, although it is much better now, which makes me believe that by worlds, probably hundreds of thousands will be infected in the US.