Will You Switch to the New Star (Torx) Screws?

My team has been thinking of switching to the “new” star (torx) screws. Our only downfalls are that there are not yet performance tool kits for them yet. We will probable just order a dozen from McMaster.

I am glad vex is making this switch.
The hassle I see with it is at competitions. We will have to ask what size AND type and maybe carry around double the tools just in case an alliance has a different type.

Given that it is harder to strip and more durable, ultimately making the switch will be worth it, especially if VEX is going to phase out the hexagonal screws in the future.

The only concern now we have is the transition process. As with most changes, it is going to be inconvenient. But if teams are willing to give up a bit of convenience for a better experience in the future, I would say it will be worth it.

Once the screws are available for order, my teams will start buying them.

If they aren’t too expensive, it might be better to just throw all the old screws away or sell them

I cannot find motor torx screws. Maybe they will show up later.

I don’t believe they plan on offering #6 torx. Only #8 I believe.

We ordered torx screws back in skyrise. They are really nice since they rarely strip, but ever since we’e used a mix of both the steel hexagonal screws for higher stress areas and torx for areas that need quick disassembly. More tools seem like a pain, but they’re really not too hard to deal with. On a side note, in an emergency, I also found that the allen keys work in the torx screws where you can tighten them down with a nylock quite nicely.

Vex isn’t really giving us a choice are they? They’re going to discontinue the hex screws eventually

Even if they do, hex screws will remain to be legal in the same way that star screws were legal before Vex announced them as a new product idea. You can order them online or buy in bulk from the local hardware store, maybe for less than Vex.

Does anyone know if you can buy ball head torx screwdrivers? That’s one of the reasons i would be reluctant to switch over.

Yes, “ball” head torx screwdrivers exist. This is by no means the best place/right size to buy. It is just the first example I found.


Yes, and I plan to have them available on Robosource in a few days.

My team will most likely be making the switch. A lot of the time I will be trying to tighten a locknut by myself and the hex screws are not the best for doing that. I am pretty certain that with the torx screws this will be much eaiser to accomplish. Also the tools will not strip as easy.#303

hex tools don’t strip that easily if you get the right ones and dont use vex screws since the heads are crap

Oh, but the members of my team, have a knack for stripping all kinds of screws.

We have found that the Stainless Steel VEX screws are as hard as you can possible need. The black steel ones are terrible…you would be just as good using plastic.

I disagree with the hex tools statement also. We bought very high quality 3rd party hex drivers, and while they were 999999x better than the VEX ones, they still round off way to easy.

We will be purchasing star drive screws/drivers. There is a reason why when you walk into the hardware section at Menard’s…for instance deck screws…you will pretty much only find star drive. It’s because they work…well.


I didn’t deny that star screws are better, I’m just saying that they are not the worst thing ever. However, I’ve been using the same 3/32 T-wrench for 3 years now and it’s never stripped.

You sir, are a god! I’m lucky if my students make it through a week without having to dremel off the tip of the hex drivers.

Our coach doesn’t want them because “they are more popular in Asia”

Will there be shoulder screws with torx screws too?

I’ll be very surprised if vexrobotics can sell them at the prices they currently have listed $5-7/100. I can’t find them anywhere near this price. The closest I’ve found was about .10 each if you buy 1000 ($101). Has anyone found anything cheaper actually in stock?