Winning Excellence in another state

Excellence Award at the 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship
At the 2015 VEX Robotics Competition World Championship, only teams that have
submitted at least two different VEX Online Challenges, have won an Excellence
Award at a previous event, have signed up for an Excellence Award interview, and
have signed up for a Design Award interview (with their engineering notebook) will
be considered for the Excellence Award.

If the following conditions were to happen:

  1. A team travels to a state to compete in an event they are not eligible for qualification for that state championship,

  2. the team wins the excellence award at the out-of-state tournament,

  3. the team qualifies for the world championship at their own state championship, but never won a excellence award at one of their state events,

Would this fulfill the " have won an Excellence
Award at a previous event" for the VWC excellence award?

I have a number of MA and RI teams coming to our NH/VT event. It would be nice to let them know if they win the excellence award at our event they will be eligible for the VWC Excellence Award if they qualify for the VWC within their state.

A team may have been awarded the Excellence Award at any event they have participated in this competition year to meet the prerequisite you cite for the 2015 VEX World Championship Excellence Award.