Wireless Uploading and Terminal Usage to V5 Brain

Hey everyone,

I have a question regarding the usage of the terminal when uploading code wirelessly using the PROS system. Is that feature going to be added in the future, or is that not a focus right now? I’m just curious and don’t mean to rush anyone.

Yes, based on conversation in the Discord, I believe work is under way to implement it.
However, its a slightly bigger project than one would think, as some of the core of the system has to be re-implemented. Also, the devs were quite busy in the end of the year, wrapping up school.
Progress has been started in this branch.


All right that is wonderful. I really do appreciate all the hard work they do for this program.

There is wireless uploading via the V5 Remote. Screenshot%20from%202019-06-14%2010-43-24
Then plugin your remote. Make sure that it’s connected to the brain. Then upload using
prosv5 upload in your terminal.

No, he already knows how to wirelessly upload.
Besides, that has nothing to do with wireless uploading, all it does is reduce the download size/time. Simply installing the latest CLI enables wireless uploading.

What he was asking about was wireless terminal, where the output from the robot is relayed back to the console.
Currently, the robot terminal only works with the cable plugged in, so it is a bit annoying to have to plug in whenever you want to debug. PROS is the last software (besides VCS of course) to support this feature.

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Yes, but if you don’t enable hot\cold linking it takes 2 minutes. I don’t know why it doesn’t work already, but it doesn’t. I want it to. Can @Electrobotz rename this thread to something more descriptive?

To do wireless terminal via controller a completely different approach is needed.

The V5 brain USB implementation shows on the PC as two serial ports. One port is used for control, download of code etc. the other port is used by user code as the terminal, this port can be opened independently from the admin port.

The V5 controller has a much simpler CPU than the V5 brain, the USB hardware provided by this CPU does not have enough capability to be able to provide two serial channels, only one serial channel and a gamepad emulation (even if we remove the gamepad emulation there is a bug in the cpu hardware that still prevents us from having enough resource available). We have to tunnel user code IO for the terminal through the primary serial port as additional admin messages, this is a little tricky, it will mean the admin port needs to be shared by the PROS cli and whatever is directing output to the terminal.

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OK. When will Vex let Pros use Bluetooth?

That’s even more complicated.

The current Bluetooth (BTLE) implementation is more or less the same as VEX IQ, that means the IQ brain acts as the central (that’s like a host and is in control) and the controller is a peripheral, a PC can also connect to the brain as another peripheral, but there has always been limited support under windows for using this mode (perhaps windows10 has it now, idk), for IQ only one or two iPad applications are using it. PROS is welcome to try and use this protocol, it’s been public for IQ for about 4 years, but that would be even more work for them. Our plan is to add additional BTLE support on the V5 brain and allow it to act as a peripheral to make PC connections easier. However, we have no timeline for implementing that.

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That must by what they are waiting on.

It’s also possible to download code to an IQ brain over Bluetooth from the modkit app on an iPad without a controller being powered on or connected to the brain. How does this work under the BT implementation you outlined?

Apologies if this is a bit off-topic, but your explanation piqued my curiosity.

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because I explained it backwards :frowning: brain is central, controller and PC are peripheral, I’ll fix it later.