World Data

Getting ready for Worlds, here is team data from every event, the World Skills rankings, and the list of teams registered for IQ Worlds

I’ll try to keep it updated as more teams register.


Updated 3/12

Steve, this is amazing. Thank you so much for doing it and sharing

Steve, Can you help me understand the first 6 columns please?
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Are you just copying and pasting like a madman? How are you doing this???

Are you scraping the robotevents site like vexdb?

Very impressive. I’ve never used the filter command, still using vlookup for everything. Great work overall.

The first six columns are the “rank” of the team in the listed categories. The first column shows where a team’s average match score ranks against all other teams going to Worlds, in their division.

Other rankings are for:
Best non-finals score a team earned all season.
Max Programming Score
Max Driver Score
Average Finals Score

The last column is the rank of a calculated field, the average of the above five scores, for their entire season.

sankeydd, I wrote a program to pull data off the robotevents site. No cut & paste.

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Is there any sort of weighting for strength of partners at competition or is this just straight scores? It would be kind of cool to take into account that some regions have stronger potential partners and thus scores are higher/lower based on your region (ie scores at APAC are much higher then most US competitions.)

Very true. Let me think about this…

I added a couple columns. First is the average score for all tournaments that the team is in. Second is the difference between that score, and the team’s average score.

I just added possible divisions, and a summary page.

New spreadsheet with Match data

Hey Steve, this data is awesome! We’re in the Chandra division on ES and have a match with 71832A. Your data has them ranked as “810” in the cells to the right (see Q21). I also don’t see them as a team on the left. Did they not get pulled over properly maybe?

Also, in this formula, how do you arrive at 115? I assume that is what’s driving the overall rank? [32]5420A(35)=115


uncchs9, good luck with that team. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what happened. I’ll try to look into it.

Hopefully a small request, can you freeze the top rows and the two left most lows of the Elementary Divisions in the same way they are in the Middle School divisions on the WorldsData18 Spreadsheet?

Really appreciate all the work your doing, it’ll be fun to see if our teams out perform the data. Thanks!

Thank you @Steve_Hassenplug ! That really helps!

We got a 200 with them!! Great few days and great season to all!