Worlds 2019: Engineering Division Pre-Scouting

This thread is for those in the Engineering division at worlds to post reveals and get in contact with some other teams in the division. I saw posts of this nature for some of the other division so I decided to be trendy and make this one. See you all at worlds!

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Hey guys, We are 33691A!
We are currently working on a reveal video but in the mean time, here are some pics
image image


Ahhhhhh, that’s hot, that’s hot!
I love the gold and blue color, and I like #punchergang!
Some suggestions I may have is you should try protecting your puncher a bit more. You should try doing spacer screw connections for your C-channels for torsion support, and there’s been a manual update that you cannot use the license plates to toggle flags. I’d suggest lowering the plates down and having a standoff that extends back instead so you don’t get stopped during inspections. Your joints for the angling mech should be a KEPS screw joint to prevent slop and inconsistencies as well.


Here is 6135K’s Reveal Video that was used for State. We made a ton of improvements and even now have a completely yellow and blue robot! But the robot in this video is still mostly relevant.

6135K Link

Hey yall, I’m from team 56J. We have a flywheel (because were Chads) along with a 2-bar. We probably won’t have a reveal for worlds but if you want to see the early season iteration of the “WhackyBoi®” it is on YouTube. On another note, would anyone like a discord made for the Engineering division?

and to add to Connor’s point on game manual change, back side of the license plates should be masked, tape is ok, so to hide opposing alliance color.


what are spacer screw connections?

Actually, it’s only when the the numbers are visible so we are legal :grinning:

Not quite sure what you mean by “it’s only when the numbers are visible” but I think your robot might have a problem with <R20-e-i>, which was added in last week’s game manual update:

If the plates are attached to opposite-color plates, the incorrect color must be covered, taped over, or otherwise obscured to ensure that the correct alliance color is abundantly clear to Head Referees during a Match.

As I read that rule, the license plate configuration shown in photos above would not be legal. From the perspective of a ref, license plates of both colors are visible in roughly equal amounts from most viewpoints. All you need to do to comply with the above rule is apply some neutral-colored tape to the back side of your red plates.


Ohh I got you… I didn’t read the clarified rule. So basically cover the red with masking tape

Thank You​:grinning::grinning:


You are welcome - I will make sure to pack some black gaffers tape for anyone who needs in the inspection line :slight_smile:


It is where you grab white spacers and put them between the “C” of the C-Channels, and you put the screw through the entire beam. This can improve build quality and prevent a great deal of torsion of the structure. You can see some of these connections on my reveals/close ups/build quality tutorial. :smile:


What size spacers fit these connections just right? I was cadding some today and I couldn’t find a combination that fit perfectly

The half inch and 3/8 inch fits right if I remember correctly.

The width of a C channel is 1 inch and the sides are about 1/16 of an inch thick each

Hmm, my cad library seems to be missing the 3/8 one. Thanks!


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This might be a stupid question but was is a KEPS Screw Joint?

Its a marvelous screw join, that is pretty much the best joint to use. @Connor goes into detail in his helpful build quality video


Isn’t it when you use a screw with spacers for a pivoting system instead of a shaft?

Pretty much. You basically screw a long screw to one c channel real tight, then put on a keps nut, a washer, and then your other c channel with a bearing on it, capped by a washer and a nylock. The tighter the nylock, the less slop, but leave it loose enough to provide minimal friction