Worlds antistatic spray?

Is anyone else having issues with the field antiseptic spray? We are using a holonomic drive, and something with the practice fields is causing the stars to stick on the field and bounce along. This makes our claw almost useless, as the drivetrain will stall before we can push stars into a clump for grabbing. A mechanum drive we were on the practice field with was also having troubles turning.

Is does anyone have any suggestions, because we are kind of dead in the water right now.

I agree the stars don’t slide as well as they did at home, but I’m not sure if it’s because of antistatic spray or newer tiles or different stars or what

Lift your arm up before driving with stars in the claw. If you cant do that, then change the internal gears of the motors on your drive from speed to torque.

I’ve heard that teams from the art division have not experienced too many problems with the antistatic spray, but teams on the engineering and technology fields have experienced multiple problems. We found that the stars tend to roll rather than slide, causing them to go underneath your claw and add friction to your drive.

Arts for us we definitely have problems we keep on stalling we have done everything any help?

I’m in technology and my team hasn’t found any problems with stars sticking

There was anti-static spray at the US Open. But it should not affect gameplay too much. I did notice that it was slightly harder to slide stars on the fields. Driving straight into stars shouldn’t be a problem but I will say that spinning with stars is difficult because they will just slide under and out of your claws. I think this anti-static spray will test whether teams can adapt to non-robot related issues. Good luck and represent US well!

It sucks and I’m really mad about it, the practice fields especially

VEX U division was no different and adapting to the new field texture was certainly difficult.
I believe this is what they put on the field.