Worlds Dallas layout

This is my first time creating a topic on here. Do anyone have the venue or pit map of Worlds in Dallas either 2009 or 2010? I am just curious as I was able to find the layout of Worlds from both Orlando, Anaheim and Louisville. I was wondering if there is the same for Dallas. Thank you.

Here is an example of what I am talking about


It changes drastically every year even each year in Louisville it changed. But no I don’t have a map of it, getting one is going to be difficult because I doubt there are many digitally saved copies from that long ago.

Do let me know if you find one though that would be neat to see.


Oops, miss-read the original post.


I found this from 2010. It doesn’t show the dome, but it has the divisions in the pit area. I think the college competition played on the dome fields.

My memory is pretty hazy, but I believe in 2009 there was one division that played in the dome and the other was in the pit area (roughly where the practice fields are located in the 2010 map I think?) and then the divisions switched halfway through the event so that each got some time playing in the dome. There were only 2 divisions in 2009 (and it was the first VEX event to use multiple divisions).

I remember thinking 4 divisions in 2010 was huge. It’s amazing how much VEX Worlds has grown since then.


If you look at the VEX schedule for World’s (, it it dramatically different than past years, since the competition is so large, and the venue is small. For example, May 3-5 it’s VEX-U and Middle School together, while the High School event starts check-in on the 5th. Old layouts of the venue are probably meaningless.


Thank you for your replies. The Convention Center looked small in 2010. 2 divisions were in fact very big for Vex at the time. Now, everyone has their own event and dates as the high school division this year has 800 spots. The following screenshot I attached was from the town hall meeting from last month. They said that the middle school will be in the pit area near the arena and the high school will be in the farthest one during the crossover day that Thursday. They also said that the division fields will all be in one area instead of spread apart like they used to.

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Is this going to be the same for VexIq worlds?

The layout will be the same for IQ also with the elementary in one of the pit areas and the middle school in the other one

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