Worlds Fields

Competing at the Michigan State Championship this past weekend, the skills fields had the portable competition field walls. Has there been any update if Words will use these fields for competition or skills fields, as the increased lip caused goals to descore the platform on 2 of our autonomous skills runs.

From the announcement post for the portable field perimeter

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Could you elaborate how the increased lip helped to descore the goals? Thanks.

Since the field is taller, the guards on the platform are not tall enough to prevent a goal on the platform from touching the wall.

I guess that there has not been an update yet

Actually, I can share an update on this.

All division and skills fields at the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship will use the original, Competition Field Perimeter (278-1501).

Both field perimeter options will be available for use in the practice areas.


What about dome fields?


Dome fields will also use the original Field Perimeter.

The Portable Perimeter will only be used in the practice areas.


Will the match fields using the original perimeters have the GPS Strips applied to them, or will they only be applied on skills fields?