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Hi DRow,

I have tried to find the 2018 worlds logo online and can not. Can you please help me get it. Thanks,

You can find it here:

I agree, it is hard to find!

There are only the 2017 ones there. No 2018 ones.

Oh wow. I hadn’t noticed that.

Last year, I had asked for the Worlds logo from VEX, but they said that that logo is not made publicly available and they wouldn’t be able to provide it. Not sure if it’s the same this year.

In the package there is the generic no year logo. Just add 2018 in Eurostile Extended font.

I saw a thread a few weeks ago where someone was asking the same question. I believe they were able to attain the 2018 logo by simply emailing the marketing team.

These are the files i received from @DRow with the following message:

I’ve attached a .ZIP file containing some various VEX Worlds 2018 logos. Our only request is that you please be sure to abide by the VEX Competition Style Guide. It can be found at this link:


Dillon Row
Marketing Coordinator, Community Manager | VEX Robotics
VEX Worlds 2018 (596 KB)

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Did they also authorize you to redistribute on a public forum?

Author’s rights apply here about how art is distributed.

I’m pretty certain they would be fine sharing VEX logos with VEX competitors who are paying them the money to use VEX products, who are signing up to VEX Worlds.
Also, as an extra note, they authorized VEX competitors to use the VEX logo.

It is not the use of art by competitors, but putting it on a public forum for distribution that is in question. The fact you pay registration fees has no bearing about license to distribute art that is not yours. This is one of the reasons that DMCA came about when people decided they should be free to distribute songs and movies on the internet using the logic “but I paid for the song/movie”.

“VEX Robotics digital resources are made freely available for promotional and private use if proper VEX branding is upheld. Examples of acceptable use would be local team recruitment or fundraising advertisements. Commercial use must credit VEX Robotics, Inc., unless otherwise agreed upon.”


Just to remove all doubt, @DRow are we allowed to use the VEX Worlds 2018 logo, as long as it follows the terms of VEX Robotics about distribution of logos?

Yes, I’ve been meaning to get the 2018 logos up on the Marketing Assets page, but just haven’t found the time. The file above should contain SVG’s that can be used by anyone, assuming the rules listed in the VEX Style Guide are properly followed.

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@DRow I only see (7) .png files in that .zip folder, no SVG files are included.