World's Mini Competition

Last year, our team had a lot of fun at Worlds, but felt bad that we didnt bring any items to give away like most teams. To make up for this, we will be hosting a “Mini” Competition at Worlds. Sadly, this will not really include those robots who only use punchers or catapults for launching balls, however, if you have a flywheel, this competition is for you. Many teams this year have been using some form of a velocity controller with their flywheels. The two biggest ones have seem to been PID and Bang Bang. (For the sake of cost, we are counting TBH as a PID) We will be handing out stickers for either Team #BangBang or Team #PID4LIFE that you can put on your teams robot. Each Robot will be limited to one sticker (unless something changes) and we will datalog the amount of teams that use PID and the amount of teams that use Bang Bang. On Saturday of Worlds, we will announce the winning team and you can enjoy a virtual cookie.

I never realised how much I needed a #PID4LIFE sticker until now! Great fun idea, will definitely come see you guys at worlds.

I love this idea! #bangbang

Won’t be going to worlds, but #PID4Life. I assume hybrid control counts, as PID(TBH)>bang bang.

One of my teammates told me to implement velocity control (on our short-range flywheel). This is the only reason why I regret not doing so. :slight_smile:

@bossgivol what is your team number and I am guessing you are in highschool. #bangbang for the win! #303

:frowning: What happened to team #Don’tNeedNoPID :wink:

I guess I’ll have to switch back for one of these cool stickers

Don’t do it! #Don’tNeedNoPID

Where do we go to participate? Should we just stop by your pit? It sounds like fun! ## #PID4LIFE

I can just see teams with a linear puncher putting PID on some arbitrary part of their robot where it isn’t needed for a sticker…

You can use PID for drive and such too… Not just flywheels

Reminds me of the good old days of using bang bang on a drive and lift.

Well, yeah. But I’m guessing the OP’s original intent was just for flywheels.

LPs are bang bang. The sound they make. “bang bang”
I’m using #bangbang.

Well, you can always put a velocity PID controller on an LP and set the target velocity really high.

But then wouldn’t that just give it full power all the time?

That’s the point lol. He just wanted to say it was PID.

True XD

I’m gonna need to see some proof of PID code if you want a sticker and ur robot has a puncher lol.